Minority Leader Brian Kolb’s Legislation Declaring Seneca County Road As “Sampson Veterans Memorial Highway” Passes Assembly

Portion of State Route 96A guides visitors to Military Museum, future Veterans Cemetery to help honor veterans
June 25, 2010

Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua) announced the recent passage of legislation he sponsored – Assembly Bill A.8961 – officially renaming a portion of State Route 96A in Seneca County as the “Sampson Veterans Memorial Highway.”

The Sampson United States Naval and Air Force Base served as a naval training station during World War II and later used as an Air Force Basic Training Center. A parcel of land in Sampson State Park, formerly part of the Base, will be the site of the new Sampson Veterans Cemetery. The Sampson Memorial Naval Museum and Air Force Museum also are located at this site.

“I am proud to give Seneca County residents an additional opportunity to remember the veterans who protected our freedoms. The part of State Route 96A that connects Waterloo and Ovid in Seneca County now will honor the efforts of our country’s courageous servicemen and women,” said Leader Kolb.

“Visitors traveling to the Sampson Veterans Cemetery and the Sampson Memorial Naval Museum and Air Force Museum will use this road, along with local families. I hope that seeing signs for the ‘Veterans Highway’ will inspire parents to tell their children about the countless sacrifices that local veterans made in service to our country,” Leader Kolb said.

Leader Kolb has been a strong supporter of legislation that would aid veterans. Examples include the Assembly Minority Conference’s “New York Salute” plan that would extend small-business ownership benefits to disabled veterans and establish a wage tax credit for businesses employing members of the National Guard and Reserves. Additionally, the Conference’s “New York Homes for Heroes” plan would expand the federal home loan guarantee for certain New York State National Guard and Reserve veterans and make the Affordable Home Ownership Development Program available to service-related disabled veterans.

The “Sampson Veterans Memorial Highway” Senate companion legislation was sponsored by Senator Michael Nozzolio. That bill and Kolb’s legislation have passed both houses of the Legislature and are awaiting Governor Paterson’s signature.