Leader Brian Kolb Asks: “Have You Had Enough Yet?”

Statement from New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua):
July 1, 2010

“Have you had enough yet?

This is the question I want to ask all New Yorkers.

Have you had enough of high taxes, runaway spending, chronic unemployment, a crushing cost of living and a broken state government that isn’t working for taxpayers?

Have you had enough of paying some of the nation’s highest property, business and income taxes?

Have you had enough of late budgets and a dysfunctional budget process that allows a spending plan to be derailed for 92 days?

Have you had enough of the Majorities in the Assembly and Senate disobeying the law and not conducting an open, transparent and public budget process as the Budget Reform Act of 2007 requires?

I believe New Yorkers have had enough. After learning about all the taxes and fees the Assembly Majority passed today, I know taxpayers will have had more than enough.

If you had enough of the $8.5 billion in job-killing taxes and fees in last year’s spending plan passed by the Assembly Majority, you need to know the bill they enacted today contained $1.45 billion in higher taxes on everything from clothing, to credit cards, to cigarettes. Those increased taxes and fees will force people to dig even deeper into their pockets.

Today’s bill did not contain a property tax cap, which means homeowners’ local property tax bills will keep rising. It did not have a state spending cap, which means taxpayers will pay more for government’s growing costs. It did not ban unfunded mandates – Albany dictating programs and policies to local governments without paying for them – which will result in higher village, town and county taxes. The bill did not provide debt reform, nor did it permanently reauthorize the Power for Jobs program or enact a real plan to create private sector jobs.

The bill failed to reduce the size and cost of state government – it actually spends more than last year. It also could lead to a potential $1 billion hole in the state budget by counting on federal Medicaid funds that may not come through.

This is another bad budget crafted through another bad process. New Yorkers who have had enough and are ready for change need to remember that when they had a chance the Majorities in both houses failed to do their jobs and did not lead.”