NYS Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb Submits Recommendations To Help Make Governor Cuomo’s Redistricting Legislation A Better Bill

Statement from Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua)
February 28, 2011

“Tomorrow morning, Mayor Ed Koch will conduct a press conference in support of Governor Cuomo’s redistricting reform legislation and urge legislators to make enactment of an Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission a reality. Last Friday, I sent Governor Cuomo and my fellow Leaders a letter outlining my modifications to the legislation. My recommendations called for Long Island, the North Country and Southern Tier having a redistricting public hearing, ensuring that inmates are counted where they are incarcerated, as our State Constitution requires, making certain the Redistricting Commission does not provide any advantage to either majority or minority members, and that both the Legislative and Executive Branches have an equal say on the Commission and its composition. Once these recommendations have been considered and included as part of any final redistricting bill, I will gladly co-sponsor the measure. The Assembly Minority has been long-time advocates of an Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission and I have continually called for it as one of the many non-partisan reforms that should be considered during a ‘People’s Constitutional Convention’ to fix our broken state government.”

Click here to view Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb’s letter that was hand-delivered to Governor Cuomo and the other Legislative Leaders last Friday.