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Catherine Nolan
Assembly District 37
Chair, Education Committee

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan: New York Needs To Do More to Help Families
January 22, 2014
Chancellor Walcott and State Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Announce that the Former PS 290 In Queens will be Renamed The Geraldine A. Ferraro Campus
April 24, 2013
Farmworkers Press Conference
March 21, 2013
Assemblymember Catherine Nolan: Deadline to Apply for FEMA Aid after Hurricane Sandy is Feb. 27
February 4, 2013
Letter About Recent Changes to GED
January 29, 2013
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan: Assembly Passes Groundbreaking, Comprehensive Gun-Safety Legislation
January 17, 2013
Disaster Relief Information
November 1, 2012
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Statement on Cuts to Fire Stations
June 8, 2011
Statement from Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan
March 9, 2011
Quote from Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan on New York Winning Race to the Top Funding
August 24, 2010
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan’s Quote About the Myrtle Wyckoff Event Aug. 20, 2010
August 20, 2010
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan: Earth Day Package Protects Public Health, Environment
April 26, 2010
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan: Assembly Legislative Package Protects Crime Victims
April 26, 2010
Assemblywoman Nolan Celebrates Earth Day at Queensbridge
April 21, 2008
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Takes Action to Curb Pace of Senior Services Consolidation
April 9, 2008
Education Chair Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Announces Record Increase for Public Schools
April 9, 2008
Nolan Speaks Out Against Latest Threat to Affordable Housing in Queens
April 9, 2008
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Supports Passage of Bills to Help NY Small Businesses and Encourage Entrepreneurs
April 9, 2008
Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Advocates for Queens Seniors
February 28, 2008
Nolan Urges Improved Public Outreach for Toxic Sites in Queens
January 29, 2008
Education Committee to Shine Light on Physical Education Compliance
January 14, 2008
Nolan Opposes Sale of Public Housing
November 29, 2007
Nolan Advocates for Queens in Congestion Pricing Debate
November 19, 2007
Nolan Tours Gantry Plaza State Park with State Parks Commissioner to Inspect New Flag Pole
October 30, 2007
Nolan to Hold Community Forum on Technology High School Contamination
October 15, 2007
Nolan Leads Education Committee Investigation into Policies
October 10, 2007
Education Committee Chair Catherine Nolan Empowers Parents of Kids with Special Needs
September 17, 2007
Nolan Applauds Move to Revitalize Two School Play Yards in Queens
July 31, 2007
Nolan Votes Yes for In-Depth Review of Congestion Pricing
July 27, 2007
Nolan Applauds Attorney General Cuomo’s Lawsuit Against ExxonMobil
July 17, 2007
Nolan Brings Together Support for Banking Development District and Amalgamated Bank in Long Island City
June 28, 2007
Lease Loophole Bill Passes Assembly
June 21, 2007
Lease Loophole Bill Passes Assembly
June 21, 2007
Nolan Receives Legislator of the Year Award from Met Council on Jewish Poverty
June 18, 2007
Nolan Consumer Protection Bill on Debit Card Policy Passes Assembly
May 8, 2007
Nolan Brings in $4.5 Million for Myrtle-Wyckoff Transit Hub Project
May 7, 2007
Nolan Fights for Passage of Anti-Graffiti Bill
April 24, 2007
Nolan Works to Deliver Budget with Focus on Expanding Patient Care
April 3, 2007
Nolan Ensures State Budget Comes Through For All New York Students
April 1, 2007
Nolan and Assembly Colleagues Demand Solution to the Bus Debacle
March 19, 2007
Nolan a Friend to New York’s Libraries
March 5, 2007
Nolan Spearheads Groundbreaking New York City Class-Size Reduction Bill Introduced in Assembly
March 4, 2007
Nolan Announces Historic Agreement to Reform Worker’s Compensation Benefits
February 28, 2007
Nolan Announces Historic Agreement to Reform Worker’s Compensation Benefits
February 28, 2007
Nolan Encourages 9/11 Volunteers to Register for Benefits
February 28, 2007
Nolan Encourages Smiling Faces
August 16, 2006
Assemblywoman Nolan Rallies Residents as Power Outage Winds Down
June 26, 2006
Nolan Introduces Refund Anticipation Loan Legislation
March 31, 2004
Legislative Action on Nolan Vets Bill
March 2, 2004
Nolan: New York’s Workers Deserve Better Pay
March 1, 2004
Nolan ATM Bill Passes Assembly
June 4, 2003
Nolan Fights to Save Engine 261
June 3, 2003
Nolan Health Test Bill Passes Assembly
April 14, 2003
Nolan Appointed to Leadership of Banks Committee
February 11, 2003
Nolan Blasts MTA for Considering Fare Increases
February 4, 2003
Nolan Opposes Token Booth Closings Citywide
January 21, 2003

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