Assemblywoman Nolan Rallies Residents as Power Outage Winds Down

June 26, 2006

With the power outage in its ninth day, Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan (D-Queens) continues to work hard helping residents find their way back to normal. Even as most of the area affected has regained power, parts still remain in the dark – and intermittent losses may still occur as Con Edison continues to make repairs.

“This situation, though terrible, has made me proud to be a resident and representative of Queens as I have watched people band together to support each other through this trying ordeal,” said Assemblywoman Nolan. “I have also been proud to work with my colleagues in government, Community Boards 1 and 2, Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, LaGuardia Community College and other civic and business organizations. While I share the frustration, concern, and bewilderment of residents who wonder how this could have happened and why it has gone on for so long, I also look to a future where this situation never happens again.”

After listening to the confusing reports and statistics regarding the power outage as to its size and severity, Assemblywoman Nolan also calls for answers:

  • at a hearing by the New York State Assembly. Assemblywoman Nolan invites residents and businesses to join her at a hearing on August 3, 2006 at 11AM at LaGuardia Community College. Con Edison and the Public Service Commission as well as community and business groups have been invited to testify; and
  • through an outside, independent review of the power outage and Con Edison’s response. “It is unacceptable, in this day and age, with all of the technology available to us, that so many residents of our city should suffer in the dark for so long,” said Assemblywoman Nolan. “It is vital that we discover the reasons for the power outage so that we know what to do to ensure the future is brightly lit.”

In addition Assemblywoman Nolan calls on Con Edison to invest its profits in the repair and maintenance of the electric network that provides power to Queens and the rest of New York City. And, Con Edison must also establish a rapid response system to get timely, accurate, and accessible information to customers and the general public. Furthermore, the claims process must be easier and more flexible for residents.

“In the meantime, I would urge residents affected by the blackout to submit claims for reimbursement as soon as possible as they must currently be sent within 30 days of the power outage,” said Assemblywoman Nolan. “Please feel free to stop by or contact my office in Woodside, which is located at 45-25 47th Street, if a claim form is needed. The phone number is 718-784-3194.”

All in all, Assemblywoman Nolan is asking residents to continue to be patient and stay strong until this situation is fully resolved. Renewing her pledge to do all in her power to help residents get back on their feet, and get what they deserve from Con Edison, Assemblywoman Nolan again promised to do all she could to find out why this power outage happened and ensure it does not happen again.

“We have come through a lot in the past nine days and we are still holding together, still helping each other, still determined that when this is over we will move on,” said Assemblywoman Nolan. “We survived the 1969 snowstorm and we will survive this. We have proved our mettle in this situation each day as we have risen to meet the challenges head on.”