Nolan Encourages 9/11 Volunteers to Register for Benefits

February 28, 2007

ALBANY – The New York State Legislature recently enacted a law extending the deadline for filing workers compensation claims for people who aided in the rescue, recovery or clean-up efforts of the World Trade Center ruins.

The New York Committee on Occupational Safety and Health reports that less than 5,000 people have registered but tens of thousands actually volunteered.

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan (D-Queens) said, “I am concerned that so many of our 9/11 heroes from Queens and throughout the state remain unprotected but the extension provided by the new law should help solve this problem.”

In the past people were not permitted to make claims more than two years from the date of the injury. Thanks to the new law 9/11 responders may now register before the new deadline of August 14, 2007 and file a claim if they become sick in the future.

People are eligible to register if they worked or volunteered anywhere in Manhattan, on the barge operation, at the Staten Island landfill or the New York City Morgue. Anyone who is currently sick or psychologically distressed and has not filed a worker’s compensation claim is eligible. Those who are not sick but were exposed and feel concerned they might develop an illness in the future are also urged to register with NYCOSH.

For more information about eligibility requirements go to or call the NYCOSH hotline at 1-866-WTC-2556.