Nolan and Assembly Colleagues Demand Solution to the Bus Debacle

March 19, 2007

Albany – Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Chairwoman of the Committee on Education, (D- Queens) and 39 members of the New York State Assembly signed onto a letter to New York City Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein in which they demanded an explanation of how the DOE of Education will address the problems resulting from the re-routing of school buses in January.

Speaking on behalf of the group of concerned legislators, Assemblywoman Nolan said, “We have been contacted by families severely impacted by this decision. In some instances children in the same family were determined not eligible to receive comparable transportation, and in some cases very young children were expected to travel on public transportation to school. The decision seems at odds with our collective aim of protecting the school children of our city.”

The new routes were designed to eliminate waste and save the city $12 million dollars per year but have caused chaos from the beginning. “The education and safety of our children should not be compromised,” said Assemblywoman Nolan.

The letter sends Chancellor Klein a clear message that legislators want an unambiguous plan of action in response to the bussing dilemma so parents may once again trust that the Department of Education takes children’s safety seriously.