Quiet Victory for LIC Community’s Fight Against Noisy Bars

April 2, 2007

Long Island City residents were informed recently that the New York State Liquor Authority officially denied an on-premise liquor license for 47-04 Vernon Blvd in the Hunter’s Point area of Long Island City where some businesses had hoped to establish a new bar.

Neighbors first banded together when construction started on a bar just 25 feet away from another bar. Over 73 noise-related complaints were reported in the last 21 months plus numerous visits from police and other city officials had occurred on Vernon Boulevard over the past four years. There are a total of 6 licensed establishments already within 500 feet of the proposed location.

Concerned residents asked local officials to enforce the city’s Padavan Law, prohibiting liquor licensed establishments from opening within 500 feet of three or more licensed operations

“I support the efforts of the community to curtail irresponsible development that is not in the public’s best interest. People in our neighborhood should not have to deal with noisy bars. The line has to be drawn someplace. I want to thank community resident William Garret and Community Board 2 Chairman Joe Connelly for their hard work on this issue,” said Assemblywoman Nolan.

Neighbors and community groups were pleased by the decision.