Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan Statement on Cuts to Fire Stations

June 8, 2011

“At the recent rally, I attended and joined my community and governmental colleagues in declaring that firehouse Ladder 128 must stay open! Like Engine 261 in Dutch Kills, which was sadly closed a few years ago, Ladder 128 on Greenpoint Ave. serves a vital public safety function. Additionally the Himrod Street firehouse that services Ridgewood must also stay open. At the rally and throughout this budget year, I have said publicly that we must continue the small increase in the NYS progressive income tax to insure the survival of our firehouse, schools, libraries, mass transit, roads and bridges, police, youth programs, arts programs, senior centers, veterans programs, arts programs, parks and environmental programs. In a time of economic recession, we all must do our fair share and more to insure these vital services, which insure our quality of life.

The people of Sunnyside, Ridgewood, Long Island City, Astoria, Maspeth, Dutch Kills, Queensbridge, Ravenswood, Hunter’s Point and Blissville did not cause this financial meltdown. They were not engaged in speculative derivatives and pyramid schemes. It is important to have fair taxation of all sectors to keep these basic and essential services,” said Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan

Assemblywoman Nolan will be hosting one of her annual state fairs on Saturday June 25 at Ridgewood Library from 11am to 1pm. Various state and city agencies will be available to provide information about essential services for further information, please contact either one of my district offices at 718-456-9492 or 718-784-3194 .