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Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A00556Relates to retaining peace officer status for facilities parole officers
A00563Provides that combat medics may obtain distinctive license plates
A00578Provides that an inmate of a correctional facility shall be guilty of a felony for harassing a correctional facility employee by fraudulent use of his or her name
A01586Amends the distances allowable between harness horse racetracks
A01587Repeals the wage theft prevention act, amending various provisions of the labor law
A01588Relates to wealth ratio adjustments for certain school districts containing non-profits exempt from real property taxes
A01589Relates to the operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
A01590Relates to impairment testing in traffic accidents where serious bodily injury or death has occurred
A01591Relates to the hours for voting
A01801Authorizes municipalities to create a real property tax exemption for the installation of dry fire hydrants
A01802Commissioner of the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation shall provide Empire Passports to individuals whose qualified service commenced on or after
A01803Provides that the New York state canal corporation may sell or lease canal lands or personal property to governmental entities for less than fair market value
A01804Includes municipal user fees as real property tax for purposes of the circuit breaker credit
A01805Increases the threshold of employer's withheld taxes
A01806Expands provisions for eviction for illegal occupancy of leased premises; repealer
A01807Eliminates additional annual charge for distinctive plates for volunteer ambulance service members
A01808Extends certain educational benefits to eligible veterans
A01809Relates to the power of courts to deny orders of recognizance or bail where the defendant poses a risk of danger to the community
A01810Provides that the sale of an alcoholic beverage by an on-premises licensee to a visibly intoxicated person shall be punishable as a felony
A01811Authorizes the issuance of distinctive plates for recipients of the distinguished service cross medal
A01812Provides for an exemption requirement from registration for ATVs operated on lands owned by the owner or to which the owner has certain contractual rights
A01813Directs the superintendent of financial services to study the feasibility of developing and implementing a liability reform plan for recreational land use
A01814Creates and allows funding for post-employment benefit reserve funds
A01879Relates to the judicial diversion program and the crime of unauthorized departure from a rehabilitation facility
A02205Casino gambling in state
A03288Prohibits stalking by the use of technological devices and provides criminal penalties therefor
A03289Eliminates Incentive Operating Aid from the Gap Elimination Adjustment formula
A03290Creates new criminal action pertaining to sale of purchase of pseudoephedrine
A03291Relates to allowing individuals licensed out-of-state to carry a pistol or firearm to carry such weapon within the state for a limited duration
A03292Provides that the intentional murder of a child under the age of twelve shall be a first degree murder offense; amends the definition of torture
A03293Permits small seasonal farmers to place signs on state highways
A03294Makes an appropriation to the Sauquoit Creek Basin Intermunicipal Commission for the purposes of flood mitigation and stream bank restoration; appropriation
A03363Relates to raising the amount of the New York state estate tax exemption from one million dollars to five million dollars
A04519Relates to providing a four percent across the board increase to funding allocated to school districts in New York state
A04672Relates to creating additional safeguards to protect the welfare of children enrolled in day care programs in New York state
A05029Includes the war on terrorism within the definition of "period of war" for purposes of the veterans alternative property tax exemption
A05032Establishes the New York working soldiers' assistance program and deals with the professional licenses of individuals serving on federal active duty
A05039Creates exemption for certain military personnel from certain training and testing requirements in order to qualify for a commercial driver's license
A05055Relates to adjusting the calculation of operating shares in community college regions
A05085Creates a veterans' clearinghouse for purposes of identifying veterans eligible for benefits
A05086Extends real property exemption for veterans organizations to include property occupied by any person although not also entitled to exemption
A05248Establishes an income tax credit for certain victims of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee
A05249Suspends the Triborough amendment; requires the mandate relief team to prepare a list of unfunded mandates; expires in two years
A05254Authorizes the creation of the veteran assistance lottery game
A05255Declares the Vietnam Veterans of America to be benevolent orders
A05547Expands coverage of sex offender registration act
A05608Relates to repealing chapter 1 of the laws of 2013, relating to the New York Safe Act of 2013
A05848Grants retroactive tier I status to David Reardon based upon employment with the town of Little Falls
A05849Allows employment of retired police officers as special security officers for school districts
A06589Relates to pre-authorized procedures
A06616Relates to childrens mental health services
A06835Relates to authorizing James W. McCarthy Tier I status in the New York state and local employees' retirement system
A07136Relates to creating a tax credit for New York state businesses that source materials and supplies manufactured by other New York state businesses
A07171Relates to easing certain restrictions on the management and operation of games of chance for charitable purposes
A07266Enacts a tax exemption for capital gains on the sales of new businesses
A07416Allows certification of disability by the United States veterans' administration
A07417Enacts the military spouse act of 2013
A07945Creates a credit for service
A08325Relates to powers and duties of trustees; in state tuition for active and retired military members
A08665Relates to aggravated neglect of a companion animal
A08666Relates to use of official seals
A08808Enacts the trafficking victims protection and justice act
A09069Authorizes the commissioner of education to make a payment for the allotted balance of state aid to which the Little Falls school district is entitled

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00152   A00165   A00211   A00219   A00283   A00317   A00322   A00336   A00485   A00641   A00725   A00739   A00775   A00893   A00901   A00922   A01079   A01102   A01193   A01194   A01195   A01208   A01230   A01267   A01270   A01346   A01361   A01362   A01394   A01396   A01397   A01399   A01404   A01408   A01411   A01486   A01487   A01488   A01490   A01494   A01499   A01500   A01502   A01504   A01545   A01574   A01619   A01620   A01621   A01623   A01704   A01797   A01798   A01800   A01862   A02026   A02088   A02113   A02278   A02280   A02281   A02282   A02318   A02482   A02485   A02493   A02631   A02679   A02747   A02859   A02873   A02875   A03083   A03084   A03135   A03144   A03145   A03342   A03352   A03408   A03439   A03528   A03532   A03689   A03787   A03788   A03789   A03790   A03791   A03793   A03794   A03795   A04074   A04078   A04098   A04114   A04123   A04124   A04126   A04127   A04141   A04177   A04263   A04264   A04265   A04287   A04312   A04313   A04329   A04357   A04361   A04362   A04363   A04378   A04406   A04429   A04434   A04446   A04447   A04448   A04449   A04450   A04459   A04476   A04477   A04498   A04501   A04507   A04514   A04515   A04517   A04552   A04560   A04569   A04570   A04580   A04581   A04618   A04622   A04671   A04675   A04676   A04696   A04699   A04788   A04825   A04861   A04903   A04932   A04955   A04991   A05001   A05014   A05017   A05026   A05042   A05044   A05069   A05083   A05105   A05106   A05113   A05203   A05206   A05207   A05208   A05244   A05247   A05261   A05273   A05280   A05281   A05301   A05318   A05363   A05392   A05393   A05440   A05475   A05540   A05569   A05573   A05659   A05679   A05681   A05709   A05718   A05734   A05736   A05739   A05764   A05767   A05838   A05841   A05843   A05852   A05872   A05946   A05951   A05955   A05986   A06011   A06094   A06095   A06149   A06153   A06156   A06161   A06164   A06181   A06317   A06318   A06320   A06321   A06323   A06324   A06325   A06330   A06343   A06344   A06347   A06372   A06375   A06389   A06412   A06443   A06464   A06494   A06534   A06546   A06773   A06788   A06951   A06956   A06966   A06973   A06974   A06976   A07173   A07268   A07393   A07434   A07476   A07529   A07534   A07639   A07675   A07994   A08122   A08124   A08159   A08161   A08189   A08194   A08214   A08230   A08295   A08311   A08332   A08402   A08441   A08453   A08482   A08490   A08508   A08509   A08565   A08571   A08603   A08631   A08710   A08720   A08844   A08902   A09111   A09538  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

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