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Clifford W. Crouch
Assembly District 122
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01748Relates to allowing a physically disabled surviving spouse who was married to an enhanced STAR qualifying individual to continue to receive the exemption
A01749Provides that farmers shall receive an exemption from tolls when transporting product to N.Y. city for consumption in the city
A01750Establishes a second office of judge of the county court in the county of Chenango
A01751Relates to limitations on the granting of custody of a minor
A01818Requires the department of labor to notify all employers of certain requirements for hiring persons receiving unemployment benefits
A01819Provides that local assessing units shall determine tax abatement granted to freshwater wetlands, subject to rules and regulations of commissioner of taxation and finance
A01820Relates to bids for oil and gas production leases on state lands
A01821Relates to the frequency of games of bingo
A01822Provides for the repeal of the second-injury disability fund
A01823Allows for counties through their local governing body to elect to participate in a stream maintenance and flood control program
A01824Directs the commissioner of education to apportion monies for students with disabilities, and for such funds to follow students from one school district to another
A01991Creates the crime of agri-bioterrorism
A01992Exempts certain easements from the real estate transfer tax
A01993Prohibits registered sex offenders from using or being within five hundred feet of any state or municipal-owned park
A01994Provides that an individual may be excused from jury duty if such service would cause a financial hardship to a self-employed individual
A01995Establishes the crime of unlawful surveillance in the third degree
A01996Relates to instituting mandatory jail time if a person is found to have been in willful violation of a support order at least three times
A01997Provides for a three year suspension of drivers already convicted of driving while intoxicated
A01998Provides that before a person may receive public assistance benefits, he or she must submit to a drug test
A01999Requires counseling for minor victims of a sex offense and the parent or guardian of such victims
A02000Protects the right of privacy of victims of sex offenses or offenses involving the transmission of HIV who are under the age of 18
A02001Relates to the instructions on a ballot or voting machine for certain elections
A02002Provides for the establishment of automotive glass replacement standards that are consistent with the federal motor vehicle safety standard requirements
A02003Clarifies that guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed in public places during their training and socialization process
A02004Provides that a parent shall be convicted of endangering the welfare of a child when knowingly allows a registered sex offender to reside within the household
A02005Provides that a student shall be eligible for up to eighteen months of coverage if such person is on medical leave from his or her school
A02150Relates to the coverage of hospice services and palliative care for HEALTHY NY insurance policies
A02151Creates a health benefit and cost commission to conduct a comprehensive review of all current mandated benefits and an accurate cost analysis of proposed benefits
A02152Relates to reimbursement by insurers for ambulatory services
A02153Provides that only products containing one hundred percent milk may use the term "milk" on labels and advertisements
A02154Authorizes town supervisor to examine dockets of the justice court on a quarterly basis to determine whether fines and fees have been paid to the proper officials
A02155Directs the department of economic development to study methods for keeping small retail businesses within the state and creates pilot program; appropriation
A02156Establishes an authorized absence from work for certain emergency services volunteers
A02157Exempts from taxation real property owned by a non-profit organization organized for the purpose of promoting future economic development
A02158Provides for the establishment of a method for determining the lowest responsible bidder when negotiating state contracts
A02159Authorizes boards of education to contract with any city, town or village where school buildings are located for increased police protection on school grounds
A02160Exempts ski resorts from sales tax on equipment that is used in the operation of the business and from sales tax on electricity used in the operation of the business
A02161Requires applicants for a driver's license or non-driver identification card to submit satisfactory proof that the applicant's presence in the U.S. is authorized
A02162Provides for the continuation of a commercial driver's license after lapse or termination of insurance if a person needs such license to perform employment
A02163Increases the personal needs allowance of individuals in nursing homes and individuals in residential programs for victims of domestic violence
A02233Creates a tax credit for businesses that develop a "college to work" program, paying the tuition of individuals in exchange for future employment
A02234Grants a tax credit for materials aiding the ventilation and illumination in factory work rooms
A02235Relates to the taxation of pasture land and creating an exemption
A02236Enacts the "New York farmer recruitment and retention act of 2014" and appropriates monies to implement certain provisions thereof; appropriation
A02237Requires a condemnor to compensate home owners for loss in value due to a diminished viewshed
A02238Requires cable television companies to offer cable television channels on an individual basis
A02239Relates to mandatory health insurance coverage for certified registered nurse anesthetists providing anesthesia services
A02426Provides a real property tax exemption to agricultural lands that are used for certain purposes
A02427Provides sales tax relief on parking sales for tax exempt organizations
A02457Provides that certified handicapped individuals may use ATVs on public land for transportation purposes only, during the hunting season
A02458Relates to a program for flood damage to businesses; provides a tax credit for businesses that purchase flood insurance
A02459Prohibits the diminution of health insurance benefits of public employee retirees
A02460Provides that candidates who have provided firefighting service may deduct up to a maximum of six years from their age for purposes of meeting the age requirements
A02461Creates a cellulosic ethanol task force to prevent and reduce the production and emanation of greenhouse gases
A02462Creates a second county court judgeship in the county of Delaware
A02463Excludes illegal aliens from attending public post-secondary educational institutions
A02464Increases fine imposed for unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage
A02535Relates to exemption of new and used ambulance vehicles under the sales and compensating use taxes
A02536Establishes a tax credit for alternative energy systems and generating equipment
A02538Provides that oil, gas, and mineral rights shall be sold along with any property sold pursuant to a tax foreclosure sale
A02539Repeals section 735 of the real property tax law relating to small claims assessment review determinations
A02540Establishes the nursing education expansion program; appropriation
A02541Relates to establishing the equine industry assistance act of 2013; appropriation
A02542Requires dairy transporters to have approval from the department in order to charge a dairy hauling surcharge to farmers
A02543Requires the commissioner of motor vehicles to conduct a study of the economic impact of ATV use within the state
A02544Relates to paid leave for members of the civil air patrol
A02546Relates to granting a STAR exemption to the relative of the owner of land who is using the land for agricultural purposes and is paying the school taxes
A02621Authorizes a pharmacist to substitute a brand name prescription drug for the generic equivalent of such drug if requested to do so by the patient
A02681Subtracts certain pensions from other states from adjusted gross income
A02682Relates to limited permits for occupational therapists
A02683Relates to the publication of notices of delinquent taxes
A02738Establishes a fire protection and emergency task force in rural areas
A02739Relates to unemployment benefits for part-time workers; repealer
A02740Permits sale of certain food items in liquor stores; repeals certain provisions relating to the ownership of more than one liquor license
A02741Requires the department of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations relating to gas flow meters at natural gas well sites
A02749Makes provisions regarding pesticide applicator certification
A03304Allows security guards licensed as armed security guards to possess high capacity magazines
A03331Clarifies that licenses for handguns may be issued to non-resident individuals
A03405Relates to the regulation of mixed martial arts
A04288Makes the city court judges in the city of Norwich full-time positions
A04289Designates state route 23 as a state arterial highway in the city of Norwich, county of Chenango
A04705Gives state income tax credit to volunteer firefighters and members of a volunteer ambulance corps in good standing up to $2500
A04991Authorizes the creation and issuance of a distinctive license plate for fire police
A05014Provides for the use of electronic dart guns or electronic stun guns on school grounds by school safety agents
A05082Provides civil immunity from damages for volunteers assisting in sports programs of non-profit-making organizations
A05083Creates the short-term military service guardian
A05184Establishes the anaerobic digesters revolving fund program
A05456Authorizes deer and bear hunting in the counties of Broome, Chenango and Tioga
A05475Provides for the issuance of fishing and hunting licenses, free of charge, to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers
A06097Authorizes counties to lease county land for natural gas exploration, development and production for 5 years or as long as gas is produced
A06364Eliminates the expiration of and makes permanent, provisions of law authorizing an individual to fish with up to 3 lines in freshwater
A06424Authorizes the board of cooperative educational services for the sole supervisory district of Broome, Delaware and Tioga counties to convey certain real property received as a gift in 2004
A06459Creates the concentrated animal feeding operation environmental compliance revolving loan program
A06488Relates to eligibility for permanent appointment of certain police officers
A06812Authorizes the village of Deposit, in the county of Broome, to employ Jay Vandermark, Jr. as a part-time police officer on a noncompetitive basis
A07542Authorizing the Walton central school district to receive emergency project building aid
A07550Expands the yearling buck protection program to include that portion of wildlife management unit 7P in the county of Chenango
A07712Relates to the revocation and suspension of licenses to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms
A08303Authorizes Delaware county to establish wireless surcharges
A08321Increases amount which town of Sanford may raise through taxes for the purchase of certain highway equipment
A08739Relates to exempting the costs associated with ambulances from the real property tax levy limit
A08814Relates to Tier IV retirement benefits for Luke Parga
A08948Relates to criminal background checks for navigators
A09176Relates to lenient bail and sentencing determinations

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
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