Crouch, NFIB, Farm Bureau Call for Property Tax Cap

Statement from Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R,I-Guilford)
February 14, 2011

For far too long, New York’s devastating property taxes have crippled our economy, while stifling business opportunities and our farming industry. Today, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Farm Bureau and other affiliates called on state government to act on a property tax cap. The time for the state to deliver much-needed property tax relief is now; that is why I am calling on the Speaker of the Assembly to bring a property tax cap, coupled with comprehensive mandate relief, to the floor for an immediate vote. Mandate relief must be an essential part of this equation due to the fact that Albany has micro-managed schools, local governments, towns and villages too much. Obviously, since preliminary budget discussions are now underway, it is too soon to vote on appropriations bills, so taking up a tax cap and mandate relief at this time only makes sense.