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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A01546Creates the Long Island workforce housing incentive program
A01547Prohibition of any municipality from using taxpayer funds to fiscally support private, local or free publications
A01548Requires reporting of cash transactions in excess of $10,000
A01549Permits a landlord to inspect dwellings and exterminate bedbug infestations upon reasonable notice
A01550Increases the penalty for unlawfully dealing with a minor in the first degree to a class E felony
A01722Requires signatures of mayors of the villages of Hempstead and Freeport for payments in lieu of taxes from town of Hempstead and Nassau IDA's
A01723Extends the authority of the county of Nassau to impose additional sales and compensating use taxes
A01724Creates land banks for the acquisition of vacant and abandoned properties and authorizes the sale of such properties
A01725Provides housing subsidies for victims of domestic violence
A01726Requires school districts and BOCES to recognize and credit teachers with transfer credit on a uniform basis
A01727Establishes a local government assistance program for the villages within Nassau county
A01728Requires jewelry repairers to return removed portions of jewelry that is being repaired to consumers
A01897Relates to the disposition of fines in Nassau county
A01898Relates to public benefit corporations and the maintenance of a public health facility; repealer
A01899Authorizes the division of the lottery to conduct the operation of video lottery wagering at the regional off-track betting facilities
A01900Extends the authority of the county of Nassau to impose hotel and motel taxes
A01901Extends certain provisions relating to the use of lever voting machines
A01902Relates to owner liability for failure of operator to comply with traffic control indications, and provides for repeal of provisions
A01903Requires that the owner shall have fifteen days from the approximate or estimated completion date specified in the contract for inspection of contracted home improvements
A01904Relates to the taxation of agricultural and horticultural lands in the town of Hempstead, Nassau county
A01905Requires that the village of Lakeview, Nassau county, vote on the levy of any taxes for library purposes
A01906Authorizes the care and treatment of injured employees by duly licensed social workers under the workers' compensation program
A01907Provides that a transfer of functions between or among local governments and school districts shall be taken into account in the tax levy limits thereof
A01908Extends Nassau county's authority to initiate and enforce certain actions
A01942Excludes compensation received as juror from personal income tax
A01943Grants home security personal income tax deductions
A01944Relates to the reorganization of the Lakeview public library
A01945Prohibits discrimination against volunteers
A01946Relates to charter schools; repealer
A01947Allows college coursework to be credited as a work activity which may be used toward fulfilling the employment requirements for public assistance benefits
A01948Establishes demonstration program providing electronic monitoring devices to victims of domestic violence in 5 counties
A01949Places stricter provisions and consequences on the operation of class DJ or MJ learner's permits or licenses
A01950Provides for a graduated license for the operation of motor vehicles for youth
A01951Provides for the payment of regular wages to bay constables of the town of Hempstead, Nassau county, for injuries or illnesses sustained in the line of duty
A01952Relates to special proceedings to convey title to abandoned dwellings to individuals
A01953Presumptive evidence of hate crimes
A01954Requires motor vehicle repair shops to give fair and legal estimates
A04561Authorizes the assessor of the county of Nassau to accept an application for exemption from real property taxes from Iglesia Evangelica De El Principe De Paz Inc.
A05877Extends certain provisions of chapter 401 of the laws of 2002, amending the real property tax law and the Nassau county administrative code relating to assessment and review of assessments in Nassau County
A06762Relates to granting the commissioner of education and education department additional authority over such school district, in relation to certain technical amendments
A08097Requires signatures of mayors of the villages of Hempstead and Freeport for payments in lieu of taxes from town of Hempstead and Nassau IDA's
A08098Relates to granting the commissioner of education and education department additional authority over such school district, in relation to certain technical amendments
A08116Makes technical corrections relating to granting the commissioner of education and education department additional authority over the Roosevelt UFSD
A08821Authorizes the commissioner of general services to transfer and convey certain unappropriated state land to the Cedarmore Corporation for community programs
A09569Relates to establishing in the village of Hempstead, county of Nassau a demonstration program implementing speed violation monitoring systems in school speed zones by means of photo devices
A09803Extends provisions of law relating to adjudications and owner liability for a violation of traffic-control signal indications in Nassau county

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:

A10020Authorizes the Academy Charter School to submit an application for real property tax exemption to the assessor of the county of Nassau
A10097Provides for the levy and extension of real property taxes on class 4 property in the county of Nassau

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00038   A00040   A00051   A00057   A00062   A00088   A00114   A00199   A00218   A00253   A00291   A00295   A00296   A00302   A00303   A00366   A00369   A00375   A00402   A00410   A00411   A00413   A00415   A00421   A00435   A00437   A00443   A00452   A00455   A00483   A00500   A00510   A00525   A00528   A00529   A00586   A00601   A00619   A00661   A00685   A00686   A00710   A00713   A00726   A00770   A00796   A00823   A00824   A00830   A00871   A00909   A00936   A00949   A00951   A00959   A00969   A00970   A00972   A00984   A00988   A00991   A00993   A00995   A01034   A01038   A01041   A01056   A01058   A01061   A01065   A01067   A01071   A01078   A01082   A01098   A01103   A01117   A01118   A01123   A01124   A01130   A01131   A01170   A01173   A01177   A01178   A01192   A01195   A01196   A01203   A01204   A01240   A01264   A01283   A01285   A01302   A01310   A01341   A01346   A01394   A01397   A01401   A01404   A01438   A01452   A01463   A01464   A01486   A01488   A01490   A01494   A01498   A01499   A01501   A01502   A01503   A01504   A01533   A01585   A01593   A01619   A01667   A01686   A01695   A01706   A01752   A01763   A01771   A01774   A01790   A01792   A01793   A01858   A01861   A01864   A01868   A01869   A01873   A01909   A01913   A01926   A01961   A01962   A02023   A02041   A02044   A02067   A02069   A02089   A02092   A02094   A02098   A02101   A02102   A02104   A02117   A02122   A02124   A02125   A02127   A02135   A02138   A02139   A02140   A02143   A02148   A02182   A02193   A02200   A02201   A02231   A02240   A02247   A02248   A02249   A02257   A02263   A02264   A02284   A02294   A02308   A02325   A02326   A02327   A02328   A02335   A02337   A02401   A02411   A02412   A02440   A02449   A02482   A02488   A02569   A02599   A02612   A02646   A02647   A02649   A02652   A02653   A02686   A02688   A02708   A02723   A02727   A02743   A02744   A02780   A02846   A02852   A02863   A02885   A02909   A02949   A02977   A02985   A02995   A03023   A03025   A03031   A03115   A03116   A03155   A03193   A03305   A03339   A03343   A03494   A03540   A03545   A03640   A03727   A03781   A03804   A03874   A03880   A03884   A04089   A04097   A04098   A04109   A04157   A04199   A04214   A04224   A04346   A04389   A04392   A04422   A04440   A04454   A04461   A04467   A04549   A04555   A04611   A04733   A04788   A04846   A04881   A04886   A04901   A04987   A04993   A05015   A05150   A05151   A05156   A05164   A05168   A05173   A05175   A05191   A05229   A05231   A05240   A05244   A05247   A05261   A05294   A05302   A05341   A05352   A05383   A05424   A05479   A05504   A05511   A05529   A05533   A05535   A05538   A05604   A05623   A05634   A05638   A05648   A05655   A05805   A05816   A05820   A05834   A05836   A05847   A05894   A05899   A05916   A05931   A05965   A05966   A05968   A05987   A06067   A06170   A06240   A06288   A06289   A06291   A06293   A06304   A06308   A06311   A06328   A06393   A06522   A06530   A06597   A06680   A06719   A06727   A06729   A06767   A06769   A06790   A06791   A06801   A06810   A06817   A06820   A06859   A06893   A06894   A06902   A07034   A07051   A07052   A07053   A07086   A07104   A07144   A07198   A07208   A07209   A07227   A07232   A07233   A07234   A07235   A07248   A07259   A07315   A07320   A07331   A07346   A07350   A07395   A07401   A07402   A07423   A07436   A07440   A07510   A07528   A07587   A07589   A07593   A07598   A07606   A07613   A07635   A07643   A07647   A07671   A07726   A07741   A07794   A07804   A07871   A07952   A07956   A08021   A08045   A08057   A08070   A08122   A08178   A08300   A08343   A08344   A08367   A08392   A08399   A08426   A08442   A08565   A08583   A08585   A08607   A08609   A08644   A08649   A08653   A08670   A08676   A08680   A08681   A08687   A08690   A08707   A08720   A08806   A08858   A08870   A08874   A08875   A08878   A08902   A08903   A08913   A08917   A08945   A08955   A08957   A08978   A08984   A09000   A09015   A09023   A09024   A09027   A09061   A09090   A09105   A09127   A09135   A09206   A09207   A09211   A09213   A09214   A09232   A09240   A09251   A09270   A09276   A09277   A09279   A09298   A09312   A09317   A09334   A09346   A09348   A09366   A09395   A09398   A09401   A09446   A09490   A09515   A09521   A09561   A09574   A09598   A09632   A09633   A09653   A09654   A09666   A09720   A09743   A09754   A09772   A09776   A09783   A09785   A09786   A09788   A09808   A09826   A09892   A09897  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09931   A09943   A09948   A09955   A10139   A10162   A10164   A10168   A10193  

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