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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Letter Regarding Bethany House
July 31, 2009

The Assembly of the State of New York
Attn: Earlene Hooper, Deputy Speaker
50 Clinton Street, Suite 214
Hempstead, NY 11550

Dear Ms. Hooper:

Bethany House is happy to thank you for the generous Legislative Grant of $15,000.00. The needy women and children of Bethany are so fortunate, and appreciative, that you sought them out and visited their residence. You are always welcome! A full proposal for the Grant will be submitted shortly and Bethany hopes to utilize the funds to replenish EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE for families and to expand Educational Programs.

As the crisis of homelessness here on Long Island increases, the needs and numbers of our homeless families likewise multiply. At present, we are providing for close to seventy individuals nightly in our emergency residences, and the transitional and long-term housing units are never vacant.

During these warm summer days, our children are in need of sneakers and light clothing, and sometimes the $5.00 fee to go on a summer school trip. Your generosity helps us to provide these (and many other needed items!) for the homeless families that come to our doors we are called upon to help working mothers by paying daycare costs until the governmental subsidy is in place; we have to buy shoes for one, a work uniform for another, diapers and formula for a third. Carfare to work and school is another daily expense, and we are grateful that we are able to assist these families to keep their jobs and finish their studies while looking for their apartments.

Thank you again for the generous Grant know that you are remembered at our dinner table when the children lead us in thanking God for all the good people who provide the food that nourishes us and the support that sustains us.

Most sincerely,
Constance Kerwick-Kearns
Pres. Bethany House Corporation, and
The Board and Staff of Bethany House

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