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Earlene Hooper
Assembly District 18
Letter Regarding Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
July 6, 2009

Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper
New York State Assembly
Albany, New York 12248

Dear Earlene,

We were so happy to learn that you were able to sponsor an award of $10,000 to the Coalition so that we can continue to provide educational programs in Nassau schools.

The work in the schools by our education staff is critical in assisting young persons to understand and prevent violence in their relationships. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to victimization by persons they know and trust. 25% of all teen-dating relationships are abusive and the numbers only become higher after high school. The increased incidents of date rape and dating violence among teens is reflective of the need to provide preventative education to those who are most vulnerable, the young people of our county.

Your generosity and commitment to this work will enable us to reach far more students than we would otherwise be able to help. These students will learn that everyone has a right to be free from assault or intimidation, and that each person has the ability to choose not to use violence in venting feelings or in dealing with fear or stress. Thank you!

Sandy Oliva
Executive Director

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