Ortiz Introduces Legislation to Provide Relief to New Yorkers

Gas Prices Have Reached Record Levels
September 16, 2005
(Albany, NY) –With the states gas prices at an all time high, and still rising, Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz introduced legislation today to help provide relief to working families from these escalating costs.

The Assemblyman states, "We as lawmakers need to develop creative legislation to help New York’s working families cope with the high costs at the pump. I also believe that we need to develop a comprehensive national strategy to reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and put more money into researching alternative fuels. I think that the legislation that I am introducing today is important in helping our working families now, while we work on developing long term solutions".

Assemblyman Ortiz’s gas tax credit bill would provide non-refundable tax credits to individuals and families based on gasoline use and income, in circumstances where the cost of gasoline over a taxable year has increased by at least twice the rate of inflation. This legislation would help working families pay for gas they need to get to work, bring children to daycare etc. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the price of gas has become a huge burden for New Yorkers and some immediate legislation is needed to help ease that burden.

Oil companies are posting record profits. Congress has approved $25 billion in tax breaks for these companies; meanwhile, the consumers are struggling. "There is something wrong with this picture" said Ortiz. "With the winter heating season approaching rapidly, something must be done to protect New Yorkers from further hardship" Ortiz continued. Assemblyman Ortiz hopes that his bill will be considered at Energy Committee hearings this month, as a way to provide real relief to the people of New York.