Ortiz Pushes Electronic Tagging to Prevent Domestic Violence

Bill mandates the use of electronic monitoring for any person against whom an order of protection is issued
January 31, 2008
(New York, NY) –Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, (Brooklyn), is pushing for the passage of his bill A. 5424, which if passed, would require any person against whom an order of protection is issued, to wear an electronic monitoring device for the term of the restraining order. The monitoring device would allow pinpoint tracking of the individual wearing the device. Tampering with the device would be a felony.

Assemblyman Ortiz believes that this is a much needed measure to help prevent domestic violence. According to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports, 30% of women murdered in the United States in 1999 were murdered by a husband, former husband or boyfriend. Many of these women had an order of protection placed against their attacker, but it was not enough.

“If offenders are electronically tagged and we are able to determine their whereabouts, victims can be warned when the offender has violated the order of protection, and the offender can be apprehended before they are able to commit another act of violence”, Ortiz stated.

“Opponents of the bill have called it a drastic and Orwellian measure. However, if it takes a drastic measure to prevent domestic violence and put an end to senseless murders, then this is a necessary precaution”, Ortiz continued.

The bill, which was also carried by Senator Lanza, passed the Senate during the 2007 legislative session and Ortiz hopes that the push from the Senate will help to move this bill from the Codes Committee in the Assembly and onto the floor for passage.