Ortiz Responds To Rep. Brown-Waite’s Comments

February 20, 2008
Albany – Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, (Brooklyn), former President of the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, was outraged to learn of Representative Brown-Waite’s comments last week calling Puerto Ricans “foreign-citizens” in a press release she sent out regarding President Bush’s economic stimulus package.

Ortiz stated, “As a Puerto Rican, and a veteran, I believe that Representative Brown-Waite’s ignorant comments are absolutely unacceptable, especially for someone at her level in our government. It is an embarrassment that a United States Representative would call Puerto Ricans foreigners when they are citizens, no different than she is.”

“Many Puerto Ricans, myself included, have served in the military and many have fought and died in wars on behalf of the United States. Her comments are a way of trivializing Puerto Ricans status as citizens and their contributions to the United States. The Puerto Ricans of this country deserve an apology,” continued Ortiz.