Ortiz Focuses on Clean Environment

Legislation highlights green natural gas extraction and environmental protection
July 31, 2008
Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, (Brooklyn-51 AD), has introduced a landmark piece of legislation that protects the environment and safeguards the health of New York citizens. Bill A.11606 will prohibit the use of carcinogenic substances during the extraction of oil and gas deposits.

In order to extract oil and gas deposits, companies must inject toxic substances such as benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, and xylene into rock formations. These substances can cause mutation in both human and animal life, leading to health complications which can prove to be hereditary. The risk is all the greater when oil or gas extraction is taking place near a waterway. Energy companies have the ability to utilize extracting solutions which are organically based and are non-toxic. Passage of this bill would mandate the use of such organic solutions, and prohibit the use of toxic solutions, thereby alleviating serious public health risks.

Assemblyman Ortiz believes that this bill is especially important in the era of rising fuel prices. Energy companies are constantly searching for new sources of oil and gas. “This bill protects both the natural beauty of New York State and the health of its citizens. We must regulate the way that energy companies search for fuel,” said Ortiz.