Bandwidth of pirates

Ortiz calls for stricter internet piracy regulations
May 14, 2009
Assemblymember Felix W. Ortiz (D- 51AD) today invited his fellow legislators to join him in the fight to combat internet piracy. “I will be introducing legislation in the next week which, similar to recently enacted French legislation, would operate a three strike policy for people caught illegally downloading or sharing internet content” Ortiz said.

This proposed legislation would stipulate that first time offenders would receive a warning e-mail, followed by a formal letter and finally have their internet connection severed for up to a year if they were caught a third time.

Every year the illegal downloading and file sharing of copyrighted material costs record companies, film studios and musicians billions of dollars in potential revenues. According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), $2.3 billion was lost to internet piracy in 2006. Internet piracy is a serious problem for legislators. “Internet piracy is tantamount to theft”, Assemblyman Ortiz elaborated, “and as theft is a crime punishable by law then so too should internet piracy.”

To date France is the only country to have passed such legislation. Although hearings on this topic have been held on the federal level, no steadfast solutions have emerged.

“New York has a history of enacting enterprising legislation and I believe that this bill would continue the trend. This bill highlights our state’s initiative and progressive nature when dealing with new and unforeseen problems” Ortiz concluded.