Ortiz Calls for Strict Supervision of Sex Offenders

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is introducing legislation demanding that all level 2 sex offenders to report their work address
February 16, 2010
Albany – Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz (Brooklyn), is introducing legislation mandating all level 2 sex offenders report their work address to the State’s “Sex Offender Registry.” The Assemblyman was appalled to learn that child molesters’ work location are not monitored as reported in the “Child Molester Runs Karate School” report on Channel 5 Fox News. Current law only requires that all level 2 sex offenders report their home address. Laura Ahearn, the executive director of Parents for Megan’s law, a community watchdog group for sexual abuse, said: “Sex offenders have the highest rate of recidivism compared to any other violent felons released into the community.” Luke Martland, Director of the Office of Sex Offender Management, a division of Criminal Justice Services, also confirmed that: “There are [sex offenders] people who will do it again and again and again, and those are the people we're civilly confining, like the kind of predatory child molester who may have lots of victims.”

Concerned about the community’s well-being, Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is very bothered by this issue. “We cannot let a registered sex offender lurk in our community and workforce without any supervision. Not monitoring work addresses for these offenders is simply negligent. I would rather take the initiative to prevent any new tragedies from occurring than overlook this lack of supervision. These individuals must be monitored carefully from now on,” Ortiz said.