Ortiz Calls for Public Hearing to Address State Education Crisis

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz deeply concerned by the great disparities in education throughout the State.
April 14, 2011
(Albany, N.Y) –Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz (Brooklyn), is calling for a public hearing to take place to look into the great disparities, in both education achievement and funding, that exists within New York State’s education system. “It is quite alarming that such a large gap exists in our students’ achievement. Fewer than half of our students are proficient in English and only 54 percent have the required math skills. This is an indication that major changes need to happen within the entire Education Department,” stated the Assemblyman.

Ortiz is also concerned by the great disparity in funding to our State’s schools. There is a large gap between the funding to schools that have wealthy students versus poor students. “We need to address the current system we have in place. This system is failing our students, our children. When something is no longer working we need to fix it, not simply ignore the problem,” Ortiz said. The Assemblyman is hoping that a public hearing will create discussion that will delve into the root of the problem. “I am calling for this Public Hearing in the hopes that representatives from all levels of our State’s Education System will testify. When we only hear from those at the top we do not always see the whole picture,” continued Ortiz.