Ortiz Supports Governor Cuomo’s legislation banning the use of any portable device while driving

The Assemblyman has been working for years in the area of road safety with respect to the use of cell phones.
June 10, 2011
(Albany, NY) – Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz (Brooklyn) was very pleased to learn that the Governor will be cracking down on drivers caught using a portable electronic device including blackberrys, iPhones, i-pads, laptop computers, gaming devices and any other portable device and talking on a cell phone without a hands free device, while driving. The Assemblyman has been working to end all forms of distracted driving since 1996. Ortiz has long been an advocate for banning the use of all forms of electronic devices while driving, having introduced numerous pieces of legislation that restrict and ban mobile cell phone use.

Assemblyman Ortiz said “I applaud the Governor for his leadership and vision in introducing this comprehensive bill as a solution to the issue of driver distractions. As the sponsor of the first bill that banned the use of driving while talking on the cell phone, I am deeply concerned that as technology advanced, so did our rise in car accidents and deaths due to the use of these devices. The Legislature needs to pass the Governor’s bill before it adjourns this month and put safety first in New York.”

Ortiz has been active in publicizing the threats associated with distracted driving as well. “Each year more and more people are seriously injured or killed on our highways due to irresponsible drivers. I have lost several members of my community to reckless and inattentive drivers. We have a responsibility to our constituents to put an end to such senseless accidents and to keep our highways safe. We can do this by enacting and enforcing strict laws that ban talking and texting while driving,” said Ortiz.