Ortiz Calls For Convenience Stores and Small Businesses to Save Lives by Installing Better Security Systems

Assemblyman Introduces Installation Incentive Bill to Protect Customers, Employees and Owners
August 12, 2003
Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) has introduced legislation to promote the improvement of security systems at convenience stores, laundry mats, beverage stores and other small businesses in order to protect customers, employees and owners from becoming victims of violent crimes.

“I am very concerned about how vulnerable shoppers and patrons of small businesses are to violent crimes. They become victims of violence simply because on the way home from work they stopped by the corner store to pick up some milk and bread for their families, putting them at the right place at the wrong time. Currently, the security systems used in neighborhood stores and small businesses are out of date and badly in need of an upgrade to the newer technology that will more effectively protect patrons, employees and owners from being assaulted or robbed,” said Assemblyman Felix Ortiz.

“Often the employees of these establishments are young, entry level workers, holding down their first ever jobs and very often are working late hours, alone and in stores located in high crime areas that have inadequate or no security measures. My bill would provide an incentive for business owners to install security systems that would ensure the safety of their employees.

“While many of the small businesses owners I have talked to agree that more safety could be provided to their establishments with the more up to date security devices, few have the resources necessary to make the investment. That is why my bill will provide a tax rebate of up to 50 percent of the cost to purchase and install a security system or a maximum of $750,” said Ortiz. “It is my hope that this tax rebate will help businesses make the investment in these modern security systems that will not only save lives, but also make their businesses safer and more profitable.”

According to Ortiz, the latest systems utilize sophisticated sensors, video monitors and computers that are linked to law enforcement agencies which increases police response times to incidents of robbery and assault, and provide a strong deterrent to crime.