The 2012-13 Budget Increases School Aid for Hudson Valley Schools

March 29, 2012

Assemblyman Skartados (D-Milton) announced that the Assembly has reached an agreement on an on-time 2012-13 state budget that increases funding for school districts by $805 million (A.9057-D).

“I know that the key to a secure future for the Hudson Valley is making sure all our children get a quality education, from pre-k to college,” Assemblyman Skartados said. “That’s why the first thing I did when I returned to the Assembly was help ensure high need and low wealth school districts receive more state aid.”

Local School Aid and percent increased:

  • Beacon City School District: $1,032,187 or 5.97%
  • Newburgh City School District: $1,540,327 or 1.41%
  • Poughkeepsie City School District: $1,661,273 or 3.39%
  • Highland Central School District: $226,972 or 2.52%
  • Marlboro Central School District: $666,563 or 7.74%
  • Wallkill Central School District: $632,700 or 3.00%

The final budget redirects approximately $200 million from the proposed performance grants to be placed back into the school foundation aid, ensuring all schools are eligible for the funding.

“The budget also rejected the proposal that would have required school districts to pick up additional costs for special education costs. The last thing schools need is additional unfunded mandates,” Assemblyman Skartados said.