Letter Urging Comptroller DiNapoli to Audit NYS Thruway Authority

July 18, 2012

Thomas P. DiNapoli
Office of the State Comptroller
110 State Street
Albany, NY 12236

Dear Comptroller DiNapoli:

I am writing to you regarding the New York State Thruway Authorityís proposal to increase tolls for big trucks by 45 percent. Now is the time to act. The wasteful ways of the Thruway Authority have made it clear that there needs to be an independent audit done to explore its finances. This must be done immediately considering the fact that they are proposing an outrageous increase.

Given the recent proposal to increase tolls for the fifth time in just seven years, it seems obvious that the Thruway Authority is clearly not being run in an efficient manner and taxpayers have a right to know exactly how their hard earned tax dollars are being spent.

After failing to thoroughly implement many of the recommendations you made in 2009, we cannot sit idly by while the authority moves forward with yet another outrageous fee on hardworking New Yorkers. As you know, many of the problems that exist today are a direct result from the failure to act just a few short years ago. There must be changes made.

I urge you to audit the New York State Thruway Authority so that small businesses and hardworking families donít get stuck paying for the Thruway Authorityís inefficiency.

Frank Skartados
Member of Assembly, 100 AD