Thiele Suggests Adding ‘ICE’ To Your Cell Phone

January 11, 2006
Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. (R,I,WF-Sag Harbor) suggests individuals add some “ICE” to their cell phone directories so first responders can contact family members or friends “In Case of Emergency.”

“This simple, yet effective, tool would assist paramedics, police officers and firefighters in locating emergency contacts if victims are found unconscious or are unable to assist rescuers with valuable information that may save their lives,” said Thiele. “I urge everyone to take the time and reprogram their cell phones to include this valuable information.”

The ICE idea originated with a London paramedic to deal with a long-standing problem encountered by emergency workers: how to contact relatives or loved ones of victims who are unconscious, unable to respond to questions or deceased, noted Thiele.

Cell phone users can easily create or alter existing entries in their cell phone directories to indicate emergency contacts, such as “ICE – Mom/Dad” for children, “ICE – Husband/Wife” for married couples and “ICE – Son/Daughter” for senior citizens. Additional ICE contacts may be installed on cell phones by inserting a number after ICE, for example, ICE1, ICE2 and so on.

Many police, emergency services personnel, fire departments and cell phone service providers have adopted the practice across the country. Cell phone subscribers are urged to contact their providers for more information about the ICE program.