Significant Assembly Minority Reforms Pass Assembly

Civil confinement and workers’ compensation measures finally pass
March 8, 2007
Two significant issues that have been top priorities of mine and those of my Assembly Minority colleagues for many years are civil confinement for the most dangerous sex offenders, and reform of the state’s broken workers’ compensation system. I am pleased to announce that significant legislation on these two issues have recently passed in the state Assembly. This is great news not only for the Assembly Minority, but also for the people of Long Island and all of New York.

For too many years, the most dangerous sex offenders have been free to roam our streets and harm our loved ones. These immoral criminals, deemed likely to recommit a sex crime, should remain in a secure facility beyond their prison term, not out walking our streets free to harm children and families. My Assembly Minority colleagues and I incessantly fought for strong civil confinement legislation for over fourteen years that would keep sex offenders out of our communities. With the passage of this legislation, this will finally become a reality.

As your assemblyman, protecting Long Island residents from dangerous criminals has always been, and will continue to be, one of my top priorities and I am glad all New Yorkers will finally get the protection they need and deserve.

My Assembly Minority colleagues and I have also advocated for real reform of the workers’ compensation system. For many years, workers’ compensation costs have been forcing companies and jobs to leave the state. Both injured workers and businesses have been suffering under the broken workers’ compensation system. After years of working with business and labor leaders across the state, this legislation will help create a more efficient workers’ compensation system and lower costs to New York’s businesses. This bill will make New York’s businesses more competitive with other states, improving our state economy, and will help injured workers more quickly regain their health and return to work.

For many years, the Assembly Minority has fought hard for these two essential measures. I am glad our efforts have finally paid off.