Statement of Assemblyman Fred Thiele, Jr. Regarding Today’s Action by the University Council

October 4, 2010
Today, the Stony Brook University Council, in a carefully orchestrated meeting and after a 2 hour closed door discussion, approved a resolution by an 8-2 vote, rubber stamping the decision of Stony Brook President Stanley to close the Southampton campus. I would have preferred if the University Council had deferred action on this matter in favor of a mutual effort to plan for the future of the Southampton campus.

However, it is noteworthy that Stony Brook has apparently dropped its opposition to the restoration of a residential component at Southampton. Further, Stony Brook has also placed on the table several new additions in programs for the future of Southampton that many of us have been urging since Stony Brook took control of the campus. For example, the ideas of an arts campus, a collaboration with Southampton Hospital, continuing education, a Semester at Sea program are all excellent possibilities.

However, such ideas are simply empty promises without a concrete action plan and a specific timetable for their implementation. Further, the Stony Brook administration must keep its promises to the Southampton students who have been transplanted to Stony Brook. My efforts will continue until the promise of the Southampton campus is fulfilled.