Press Releases

Finch Statement on Eric Schneiderman

Finch Votes to Decouple Standardized Testing, Teacher Evaluations

Finch Welcomes HEAL To Albany for Meetings, Presentation of Emotional Installation

On First Day of Silver Retrial, Assembly Majority Block Sweeping Ethics Legislation

Del Lago Bailout Out of the Question

Finch Decries Parole Board’s Decision to Spring Cop-Killer from Prison

Finch Reacts to the Assembly Majority Budget Resolution

Finch Statement on the Percoco Verdict

Finch, Colleagues and County Executives Unveil Plan to Deliver Billions in Property Tax Cuts

Finch Fighting For Local Libraries As Budget Talks Continue

Assembly Majority Block Finch-Backed Reforms

Finch Says The Assembly Majority Must Turn Focus To Middle Class

Finch Opposes Free College for Illegals

Governor’s War with Washington Costs State $14 Million

Finch Responds To Zemsky’s Claims about Economic Development Oversight

Finch Skeptical of Cuomo’s Tax Code Overhaul

Finch Reminds Pistol Permit Holders to Recertify

Finch – Budget Must Chart Sustainable Fiscal Course

Finch Eager to Learn More about The Governor’s Agenda

Finch: Sign Up Now To Take Correction Officer Exam