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Gary D. Finch
Assembly District 126
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04874Enacts the senior environmental corps act
A04993Establishes distinctive "New York funeral director" license plates
A04999Enacts the "North Star Initiative"
A05000Requires all state agencies to provide paper copies of the forms they utilize to individuals and commercial entities required to file such forms
A05001Makes provisions relating to establishing a dairy farmers' bill of rights
A05002Provides for an additional judge of the county court for the county of Cayuga who shall discharge duties of county court judge, family court judge and surrogate
A05050Eliminates annual service charge of 25 dollars on issuance of special number plates to veterans of the armed forces who served in World War II
A05512Relates to sexual harassment in the workplace
A05672Enacts "Averyana's law" to provide a tax credit for the installation of certain smoke alarms
A05873Makes provisions with respect to the direct payment of wages in a financial institution
A05874Gives phone customers the ability to block the reception of messages they may find obscene
A05875Provides that the "look back" period for medical assistance eligibility for transfer of real property commences on filing certificate of transfer
A05877Enacts the wetlands homeowner's relief act
A06804Relates to net-metering for non-residential customers of electric corporations which own, lease or operate micro-combined heat and power generating equipment
A06996Extends the authorization of the county of Cayuga to impose an additional one percent of sales and compensating use taxes
A07083Authorizes the city of Auburn to prefer local businesses in awarding public contracts
A07563Relates to restricting sex offenders from residing in a community residence for the mentally disabled
A07564Requires a custodial parent who lives with a sex offender to provide that information to a non-custodial parent
A07565Relates to the reporting requirements regarding the residence of a sex offender

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00127   A00237   A00243   A00377   A00530   A00531   A00547   A00564   A00571   A00664   A00811   A00830   A01026   A01080   A01092   A01102   A01111   A01137   A01183   A01257   A01370   A01372   A01402   A01426   A01458   A01462   A01474   A01501   A01534   A01558   A01598   A01603   A01604   A01621   A01655   A01656   A01660   A01693   A01700   A01724   A01772   A01773   A01774   A01775   A01812   A01819   A01896   A01911   A01912   A01916   A01987   A02001   A02067   A02069   A02073   A02091   A02147   A02173   A02203   A02256   A02257   A02264   A02270   A02271   A02276   A02281   A02296   A02299   A02300   A02361   A02376   A02378   A02379   A02380   A02381   A02389   A02392   A02402   A02410   A02412   A02429   A02437   A02443   A02444   A02445   A02484   A02489   A02516   A02532   A02542   A02551   A02569   A02588   A02589   A02591   A02624   A02627   A02642   A02701   A02704   A02745   A02754   A02756   A02758   A02761   A02769   A02808   A02829   A02830   A02860   A02952   A02966   A02982   A03092   A03144   A03145   A03173   A03184   A03185   A03189   A03193   A03195   A03196   A03223   A03227   A03249   A03256   A03261   A03291   A03296   A03319   A03341   A03350   A03352   A03372   A03377   A03378   A03422   A03460   A03489   A03531   A03558   A03574   A03582   A03590   A03592   A03604   A03612   A03613   A03614   A03623   A03648   A03659   A03660   A03662   A03666   A03667   A03676   A03681   A03683   A03684   A03698   A03707   A03715   A03717   A03718   A03756   A03771   A03777   A03782   A03784   A03786   A03792   A03796   A03798   A03814   A03818   A03826   A03827   A03840   A03862   A03863   A03875   A03876   A03878   A03907   A03923   A03930   A03931   A03933   A03942   A03943   A03947   A03973   A03978   A03985   A03988   A03991   A04001   A04005   A04017   A04021   A04026   A04028   A04032   A04039   A04088   A04105   A04157   A04177   A04226   A04231   A04246   A04276   A04301   A04302   A04330   A04334   A04335   A04352   A04367   A04439   A04460   A04461   A04462   A04465   A04473   A04479   A04480   A04481   A04482   A04483   A04492   A04493   A04496   A04497   A04498   A04501   A04503   A04504   A04505   A04506   A04508   A04514   A04515   A04516   A04518   A04525   A04531   A04535   A04538   A04543   A04544   A04545   A04546   A04547   A04548   A04554   A04579   A04581   A04583   A04588   A04617   A04641   A04643   A04646   A04647   A04677   A04683   A04716   A04720   A04767   A04768   A04770   A04771   A04772   A04773   A04774   A04775   A04776   A04777   A04778   A04803   A04804   A04806   A04807   A04810   A04815   A04818   A04822   A04853   A04854   A04856   A04858   A04859   A04860   A04861   A04862   A04863   A04864   A04865   A04868   A04869   A04870   A04872   A04873   A04882   A04889   A04891   A04892   A04893   A04894   A04895   A04896   A04897   A04898   A04899   A04900   A04901   A04902   A04903   A04906   A04907   A04908   A04911   A04916   A04921   A04922   A04927   A04930   A04934   A04935   A04937   A04938   A04939   A04942   A04945   A04947   A04948   A04950   A04951   A04952   A04954   A04955   A04982   A04983   A04984   A04985   A05006   A05016   A05038   A05057   A05092   A05127   A05139   A05141   A05159   A05160   A05161   A05165   A05177   A05182   A05185   A05193   A05201   A05204   A05205   A05206   A05207   A05210   A05211   A05212   A05213   A05215   A05224   A05225   A05227   A05230   A05285   A05286   A05288   A05291   A05297   A05299   A05307   A05342   A05352   A05360   A05365   A05374   A05375   A05384   A05395   A05396   A05401   A05409   A05410   A05436   A05453   A05454   A05477   A05498   A05513   A05515   A05531   A05532   A05538   A05543   A05547   A05549   A05554   A05555   A05558   A05559   A05560   A05586   A05609   A05628   A05629   A05676   A05677   A05702   A05703   A05713   A05731   A05770   A05776   A05801   A05803   A05809   A05812   A05815   A05821   A05831   A05832   A05833   A05839   A05865   A05868   A05884   A05898   A05963   A05967   A05974   A05976   A05979   A05983   A05987   A05990   A05991   A05998   A05999   A06016   A06098   A06109   A06153   A06154   A06158   A06162   A06195   A06220   A06241   A06410   A06439   A06451   A06466   A06467   A06481   A06483   A06504   A06505   A06506   A06514   A06533   A06548   A06566   A06583   A06651   A06674   A07072   A07082   A07089   A07092   A07093   A07195   A07198   A07199   A07201   A07262   A07398  

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There are no bills of this type.

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