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Gary D. Finch
Assembly District 126
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A04326Enacts the senior environmental corps act
A04411Establishes distinctive "New York funeral director" license plates
A04427Prohibits municipalities from depositing public money in financial institutions that do not pay New York state taxes
A04428Requires all state agencies to provide paper copies of the forms they utilize to individuals and commercial entities required to file such forms
A04429Makes provisions relating to establishing a dairy farmers' bill of rights
A04430Authorizes local governments to regulate mining and mine reclamation activities
A04432Provides that the "look back" period for medical assistance eligibility for transfer of real property commences on filing certificate of transfer
A04436Provides for an additional judge of the county court for the county of Cayuga who shall discharge duties of county court judge, family court judge and surrogate
A04474Gives phone customers the ability to block the reception of messages they may find obscene
A04475Enacts the wetlands homeowner's relief act
A04476Authorizes the city of Auburn to prefer local businesses in awarding public contracts
A04477Eliminates annual service charge of 25 dollars on issuance of special number plates to veterans of the armed forces who served in World War II
A04478Enacts "Averyana's law" to provide a tax credit for the installation of smoke detectors
A04522Enacts the "North Star Initiative"
A08091Relates to conducting unlawful surveillance by use of a drone
A08156Relates to sexual harassment in the workplace
A09442Names the wood frog the official amphibian of the state of New York
A09837Makes provisions with respect to the direct payment of wages in a financial institution
A09838Authorizes the county of Cayuga to impose an additional mortgage recording tax

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00053   A00258   A00316   A00317   A00321   A00329   A00331   A00333   A00340   A00342   A00381   A00385   A00387   A00470   A00471   A00556   A00563   A00570   A00578   A00645   A00770   A01061   A01079   A01144   A01383   A01468   A01539   A01542   A01558   A01565   A01586   A01587   A01588   A01589   A01591   A01634   A01673   A01697   A01700   A01738   A01750   A01751   A01801   A01802   A01803   A01804   A01805   A01806   A01807   A01808   A01809   A01810   A01811   A01812   A01813   A01818   A01819   A01823   A01824   A01863   A01920   A01941   A01994   A01996   A01997   A02002   A02088   A02101   A02151   A02153   A02155   A02156   A02158   A02159   A02162   A02182   A02236   A02237   A02238   A02277   A02281   A02450   A02458   A02460   A02461   A02482   A02510   A02515   A02527   A02532   A02536   A02540   A02541   A02566   A02585   A02682   A02684   A02741   A02743   A02744   A02747   A02749   A02866   A02873   A02991   A03083   A03084   A03085   A03111   A03144   A03198   A03215   A03218   A03288   A03292   A03293   A03294   A03304   A03315   A03316   A03317   A03352   A03363   A03408   A03409   A03491   A03494   A03646   A03673   A03689   A03725   A03757   A03759   A03787   A03788   A03789   A03792   A03793   A03794   A03881   A03898   A03940   A03992   A04004   A04031   A04073   A04074   A04077   A04123   A04124   A04126   A04127   A04141   A04165   A04177   A04202   A04214   A04249   A04262   A04263   A04264   A04287   A04299   A04303   A04312   A04313   A04328   A04329   A04332   A04333   A04361   A04363   A04412   A04434   A04446   A04447   A04448   A04449   A04450   A04451   A04486   A04500   A04502   A04505   A04510   A04511   A04512   A04513   A04519   A04523   A04530   A04543   A04560   A04562   A04570   A04616   A04621   A04622   A04638   A04666   A04667   A04672   A04674   A04676   A04681   A04683   A04685   A04692   A04696   A04705   A04723   A04742   A04743   A04746   A04762   A04800   A04820   A04866   A04883   A04892   A04903   A04935   A04940   A04955   A04991   A05014   A05017   A05018   A05029   A05032   A05039   A05048   A05055   A05085   A05086   A05166   A05217   A05230   A05248   A05249   A05254   A05255   A05273   A05280   A05281   A05294   A05363   A05440   A05441   A05460   A05471   A05475   A05507   A05535   A05536   A05546   A05547   A05564   A05573   A05583   A05608   A05655   A05659   A05679   A05681   A05718   A05740   A05744   A05764   A05767   A05796   A05821   A05837   A05838   A05839   A05849   A05860   A05941   A05955   A05985   A05986   A06008   A06009   A06010   A06019   A06059   A06068   A06094   A06108   A06146   A06149   A06164   A06168   A06238   A06240   A06263   A06310   A06345   A06375   A06395   A06406   A06407   A06408   A06409   A06410   A06411   A06412   A06413   A06441   A06457   A06459   A06566   A06589   A06616   A06621   A06637   A06638   A06683   A06697   A06719   A06729   A06788   A06813   A06820   A06924   A06926   A06928   A06966   A06967   A06968   A06971   A06976   A07065   A07066   A07070   A07074   A07075   A07076   A07077   A07078   A07079   A07081   A07082   A07084   A07087   A07088   A07089   A07092   A07093   A07095   A07096   A07098   A07105   A07122   A07173   A07208   A07211   A07253   A07299   A07316   A07341   A07363   A07393   A07401   A07402   A07416   A07469   A07493   A07509   A07526   A07534   A07543   A07550   A07569   A07570   A07581   A07582   A07583   A07590   A07596   A07605   A07621   A07676   A07680   A07701   A07703   A07733   A07736   A07752   A07776   A07778   A07793   A08021   A08087   A08093   A08137   A08141   A08159   A08176   A08214   A08254   A08273   A08389   A08399   A08402   A08403   A08412   A08417   A08421   A08422   A08424   A08441   A08443   A08490   A08503   A08508   A08565   A08596   A08599   A08603   A08607   A08640   A08658   A08716   A08717   A08719   A08738   A08784   A08787   A08788   A08791   A08792   A08796   A08799   A08801   A08802   A08803   A08808   A08811   A08825   A08826   A08846   A08854   A08884   A08917   A08949   A08968   A08996   A08997   A09022   A09091   A09177   A09178   A09287   A09288   A09289   A09290   A09291   A09352   A09413   A09536   A09559  

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