Finch Responds To State of the State

Statement by Assemblyman Gary D. Finch (R,C,I – Springport)
January 4, 2012

Governor Cuomo’s inspiring State of the State Address left me optimistic that we will be able to stay the right course and act boldly to revitalize our economy and bring relief to taxpayers statewide. I am particularly pleased that the governor has made it his goal to revamp our school system in New York. We spend the most in the country, yet we are only 38th in graduation rates and achievement. For years, I have advocated for education reform, and, hopefully, this is a sign of a brighter future for our schoolchildren.

There is still much work for my colleagues and I to do in order to restore New York to prominence. Mandate relief remains our highest priority as school districts and localities continue to be crushed by directives from the state. We must press forward to bring about a comprehensive package of legislation that includes mandate relief, lower state spending and programs to bolster small business and create jobs.