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Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
Assembly District 71
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Chair, Ways and Means Committee
Speaker Silver Praises Farrell During Assembly Opening Ceremony
January 10, 2011

Speaking on the Assembly floor during a ceremony to open the 234th Legislative Session, Speaker Silver offered the following praise to Assemblyman Farrell:

I will close by acknowledging how fortunate we are to have wise and experienced leaders guiding us through our work in this legislative session beginning with my friend, my counselor, my advisor, our Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Denny Farrell.

Denny, year after year, we present you with an enormous challenge and year after year, you deliver with a thoughtfulness, a grace and a style that is admired and respected by our colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

To our new members, let me suggest that you make the time to get to know Denny Farrell. His legacy of service includes many of the most important fights for justice, human dignity and equal rights.

Denny's wit, wisdom and perhaps most of all, his yearning for knowledge and his love for the debate and the legislative process are worth emulating, and will serve you well here in Albany.

I cannot tell you how fortunate we are to have Denny leading our Ways and Means Committee or how blessed I am to have his support, his friendship and his Solomonic wisdom.

Denny, you are a true friend and an inspiration to all who aspire to lead and for your leadership, Denny, we thank you and wish you great success in the coming year.