Peace Restored to Church Avenue

October 26, 2009
In late May, El Gavilan restaurant on Church Avenue began operating an after-hours night club. The activity of the nightclub brought along with it loud music, honking cars, loud gatherings, fighting, vandalism and damage to neighbors’ property. The club was open until 4:00 in the morning, seven days a week and was unbearable to those within an earshot and beyond.

Throughout the summer my office worked daily on this issue with the State Liquor Authority, the 66th Police Precinct, Brooklyn South Task Force, Albemarle Neighborhood Association, Councilmember DeBlasio’s office and the East 5th Street Block Association. Following two raids, the NYPD was able to obtain a Court order to have El Gavilan closed pending a hearing. Prior to the scheduled Court date the owners came to a settlement with the City of New York and the result is that the night club no longer operates.

My hat is off to those neighbors who remained vigilant and undeterred over the course of these events.