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James Tedisco
Assembly District 112
Sponsored Legislation

Prime-Sponsored Legislation:

A03870Establishes the retail gas station electric generator tax credit
A04514Prohibits a person convicted of violating "Buster's Law" from owning or possessing a companion animal
A04515Limits ownership or possession of companion animals by "Buster's Law" violators
A04517Expands the definition of aggravated cruelty to animals to include harm to a companion animal during the commission of a felony
A04518Increases the penalties for owners of dangerous dogs
A04618Imposes additional penalties upon persons convicted of animal abuse
A04762Prohibits the passage of bills by the legislature between the hours of midnight and eight o'clock a.m. unless two-thirds of the legislature is present and requires two-thirds approval for messages of necessity
A05073Requires propositions authorizing creation of a state debt to contain an estimate of the debt service payable and publish an explanation thereof
A05074Permits a voter to include his or her e-mail address on the voter registration form
A05076Requires the voters to approve the repeal of any term limit
A05097Establishes a baccalaureate and associate nursing assistance program
A05101Provides for a special election to fill vacancies in the office of United States senator from this state; repealer
A05366Establishes city and county property tax relief exemptions
A05367Regulates the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products via computer
A05368Extends the eligibility for the enhanced STAR exemption to real property jointly owned by a senior citizen and a non-senior citizen
A05369No local resolution is needed to extend the deadline for payment of real property tax for a member of the deployed military
A05370No SPDES program fee for any volunteer fire company or department, voluntary ambulance service or volunteer rescue squad discharging at a de minimis level
A05409Creates the veterans' outreach advisory board and authorizes a tax check-off for gifts to such board
A05985Relates to the entry into premises by the agent of a utility or municipality; repealer
A05986Makes the canal corporation an independent public authority; repealer
A06080Enacts the "legislative online digital paperwork reduction act"
A06084Provides that the availability of bills in electronic printable format shall constitute a printed bill for purposes of section 14 of article 3 of the constitution
A06095Increases certain penalties for violating the prohibition of animal fighting and for aggravated cruelty to animals
A06148Requires that any bill which provides revenue to the state in a non-recurring manner shall pass by a two-thirds majority in order to become law
A06149Enacts the "over-expenditure, under-expenditure, transfer notification (OUT) act" to provide for the use of surplus appropriated funds and over-expenditure approval
A06150Relates to vulnerable elderly persons
A06151Establishes the bystander protection act
A06152Establishes additional restrictions on the parole and relocation of sex offenders
A06153Requires legislative approval of any increased fees, rental or charges for the use of the thruway
A06154Creates an agricultural crop loss personal income tax credit
A06155Requires certain final judgments, involving public funds disbursed for legislative initiatives, to require payments of three-fold the amount of property
A06156Provides for the establishment of standards for the permanent revocation of a license or operating privileges for persistent vehicle and traffic law offenders
A06157Relates to transportation of certain persons subject to outstanding warrant of arrest
A06158Relates to the penalty for the offense of predatory sexual assault against a child
A06159Relates to providing additional reimbursement to school districts for expenses incurred for failure to receive timely payments of state aid
A06160Requires parents to submit proof of age and nature of parental relation upon enrolling child in school
A06161Provides for the recall power of the electors to remove an elective officer
A06162Enacts the "community needs integrity act" and establishes the community need review commission
A06163Enacts the "New York state used resources accountability act"
A06164Creates New York state regulatory review council; expands scope of regulatory impact statements
A06173Increases the penalties for the crime of custodial interference in the first and second degrees and creates the crime of custodial interference in the third degree
A06174Requires propositions authorizing creation of a state debt to contain an estimate of the debt service payable and publish an explanation thereof
A06175Creates the crime of aggravated harassment of a family member of a person in active military service
A06176Places limitation upon personal income tax levy by the state of New York
A06178Exempts from state income taxation the first $250,000 earned by four-year college graduates or the first $150,000 earned by two-year graduates
A06179Provides for a program to transport persons subject to an outstanding warrant of arrest to the appropriate jurisdiction
A06180Provides for the establishment of a statewide municipal cooperation program
A06181Requires the estimated cost of mandated expenditures and appropriations within the body of the bill
A06182Relates to speed limits on state highways
A06186Creates the crimes of criminal impersonation in the third and fourth degrees and increases the penalties for criminal impersonation in the first and second degrees
A06187Provides for inmate reimbursement of expenses of confinement in certain instances
A06188Requires school principals review the list of school age missing children to determine whether attending students appear therein
A06189Relates to providing a tax credit for qualified expenses relating to healthy living
A06191Provides for corporate franchise tax and personal income gifts for the Helping Our Military in Emergencies (HOME) fund and establishes such fund
A06192Alters the distribution of lottery proceeds to include certain municipalities
A06193Relates to plea bargaining and personal court appearances by certain driver's license holders
A06194Adds elderly persons to disaster preparedness registries and creates a state emergency assistance database
A06196Creates the "healthy kids act" pilot program to encourage students to develop healthy eating habits at school; appropriation
A06199Requires employers and information technology employees to report child pornography to the state police
A06203Includes certain residences and private property within the definition of "school grounds" for the purposes of a certain controlled substance offense
A06204Allows a county clerk to employ an attorney-at-law to defend against certain civil actions or proceeding brought against him in his official capacity
A06205Requires state and county inmates to make medical co-payments
A06206Provides that crimes committed against a person on school grounds shall be deemed to be one category higher than the specified crime the person committed
A06207Increases the tax credit allowable to volunteer firefighters, volunteer ambulance workers, and volunteer emergency medical personnel
A06208Grants taxpayers an automatic extension to file a return and pay taxes in certain cases
A06209Repeals article 26 of the tax law known as the estate tax
A06210Establishes an exemption from the state personal income tax for certain veterans seventy-five years of age or older
A06211Creates the alternative fuel incentive fund; creates the alternative fuels credit; establishes alternative fuel grants; appropriation
A06212Grants personal income taxpayers with a credit of $1.00 per day for each day after April 1 until the legislature enacts the state budget
A06216Prohibits increase in state legislator's salary or allowance during lame duck session
A06329Requires employers and volunteer organizations to conduct a criminal history check of child care employees and volunteers
A06330Relates to mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse or maltreatment
A06331Requires equal distribution of legislative staff and resources
A06332Provides loans, grants and incentives to promote studies in math, science and technology or any other high-tech field deemed appropriate
A06333Relates to the employment of veterans with disabilities by municipalities
A06334Requires the prior approval of the appropriate legislative committees required of agency rules and regulations
A06335Eliminates residency requirement for the chief animal law enforcement officer of a county and authorizes animal societies and pounds to spay, neuter and release cats
A06336Relates to the composition of the legislature
A06337Provides for a program to transport persons subject to an outstanding warrant of arrest to the appropriate jurisdiction
A06338Assesses a penalty upon legislature and governor for late budget
A06339Relates to the payment of compensation and allowances to members of the state legislature
A06340Provides for the governor to fill a vacancy for the offices of comptroller and attorney-general
A06341Enacts "Charlotte's Law" relating to the permanent termination of licenses of persistent vehicle and traffic law violators
A06455Provides for a personal income tax credit for ten percent of the cost of long term health care insurance premiums
A06456Creates the child support work program for county jails
A06588Prohibits certain borrowing arrangements
A06876Establishes a Co-STAR tax program for senior citizens and farmers
A07047Establishes a self-employed taxpayer credit
A07344Enacts the "chronic criminal act"
A08177Requires adult homes and assisted living residences to perform criminal background checks of employees; enables certain adult homes and assisted living residences to collect certain fees for background checks
A08180Requires legislative approval for the closure of correctional facilities and institutions
A08306Requires the assent of a two-thirds majority of the members elected to each branch of the legislature prior to the immediate vote on any legislation which has not aged for three days
A08382Relates to certain assault crimes which include the aid or encouragement of additional persons
A08820Enacts "Charlamagne's law" to make the failure to provide food, water or appropriate shelter to a companion animal left outside a felony
A08833Authorizes imposition of life imprisonment without parole sentence for persistent violent felony offenders; repealer
A09151Authorizes the Ballston Spa Central School District to establish a semiconductor manufacturing tax stabilization reserve fund
A09190Includes Ballston Lake in the category of major inland lakes for purposes of inclusion in a waterfront revitalization program
A09603Authorizes the town of Clifton Park to convey an easement
A09608Relates to amending the legal description of parcels for the lease of land for use as a wireless communications facility
A09774Establishes a giving internships for disabled veterans not fully employed program (G.I.V.E. Back NY)
A09899Relates to benefits for certain active or retired members of the New York state organized militia

Prime-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
There are no bills of this type.

Co-Sponsored Legislation:
A00318   A00334   A00385   A00390   A00716   A00739   A01624   A01636   A01730   A01735   A01739   A01801   A01823   A02088   A02240   A02318   A02322   A02382   A02386   A02461   A02482   A02747   A02775   A03128   A03206   A03210   A03288   A03292   A03293   A03759   A03905   A03993   A04202   A04315   A04332   A04333   A04412   A04486   A04564   A04568   A04580   A04581   A04624   A04935   A05105   A05214   A05230   A05390   A05575   A05583   A05718   A06026   A06238   A06240   A06457   A06661   A06662   A06949   A06974   A07393   A07434   A07752   A07844   A07865   A07994   A08021   A08134   A08195   A08230   A08254   A08388   A08402   A08426   A08443   A08489   A08509   A08565   A08599   A08666   A08675   A08712   A08784   A08788   A08791   A08792   A08796   A08799   A08803   A08808   A08811   A08824   A08832   A08838   A08843   A08844   A08949   A09536   A09555  

Co-Sponsored Legislation, Introduced by Rules on Behalf of the Member:
A09996   A10168  

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