Tedisco: Plate Repeal Is Fine But Doesn’t Excuse Inaction

Assemblyman urges Legislative Leaders to remain focused on deficit reduction plan
November 16, 2009
“We finally may be seeing some signs of hope for our beleaguered taxpayers. I am encouraged by the news that the governor has announced that a deal is in place with state legislative leaders that will repeal his ill-conceived tax on new license plates.

This past September, I held a press conference with Saratoga and Rensselaer County Clerks Kathy Marchione and Frank Merola, respectively, to decry this blatant assault on our taxpayers’ wallets. Today, I was fortunate enough to stand in another press conference with a bipartisan group of county clerks from all across the state who came to Albany with thousands of signed petitions to deliver to the governor in an effort to have this tax repealed. It appears as though the grassroots efforts spearheaded by our county clerks and pushed by our citizens has won us a small, but important victory.

While I am thrilled that the governor and legislative leaders have agreed to repeal the disastrous tax that they approved in the first place, I am concerned that this accomplishment will be used as a smokescreen to divert attention away from the real reason why we were called to special session last week, and again today. Our number one priority must be to agree upon a deficit reduction plan that will address our state’s $3.7 billion budget gap. The governor and the legislative leaders must meet their responsibilities and balance this budget before they leave Albany. Agreement upon anything but a deficit reduction plan is a waste of our taxpayers’ time and money.”