Governor Must Focus On Jobs, Reform, Taxes And One Good Term

Assemblyman says State of the State address cannot be the same old speech.
January 5, 2010
Assemblyman James N. Tedisco (R,I,C-Schenectady/Saratoga) today insisted that the governor address jobs, reform, taxes and gubernatorial term limits in his annual State of the State address. The governor is scheduled to deliver the address to a joint session of the legislature and people of New York on Wednesday. Without pledges to change how business is done in Albany, Tedisco predicted the speech would be a gross disappointment to all New Yorkers.

“The governor will no doubt provide us with a laundry list of policy proposals, of which we know many will sound good to various political constituencies but will not be acted upon,” said Tedisco. “What the people need from the governor is firm leadership as we head into another legislative session where our state has been pushed to the fiscal brink. We need a governor that is not beholden to the special interest groups and is free to do what is right for New York without having to worry about being re-elected.”

“As we face an approximate $8 billion budget shortfall, we must restrain spending and not rely on tax increases to balance the budget. Last year, despite my objections, the governor increased spending by $11 billion during a recession. To get the state back on track the governor must:

  • Take a pledge to craft a budget that does not raise taxes and fees;
  • Urge the other Legislative Leaders to take the same pledge;
  • Devote more resources to re-energize the private sector;
  • Reduce the size of state government; and
  • Take a stand against special interests by agreeing to term limits.

The public has rightfully lost faith in state government. Now is the time for the governor to radically change how business is done in Albany. If he can stand up to the special interest groups and address the aforementioned points, he will have my full support.”