Tedisco & Amedore: Time To End New York’s “Tri-Ocracy”

Budget should be finalized by rank-and-file lawmakers in conference committees, not by the “Axis of Taxes” known as Three Men in a Room
July 27, 2010
Capital Region Assemblymen Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga) and George Amedore (R,C-Rotterdam) today called for an end to New York’s “tri-ocracy” of three-man rule so rank-and-file lawmakers can finalize a state budget – now 118 days late.

The Governor has called the legislature back to Albany on Wednesday for a special session to complete the budget and tackle other issues. For years, state budgets and virtually every major bill has been decided without rank and file input by an iron triangle of what’s become known as “Three Men in a Room” – the Governor, Senate Majority Leader and Assembly Speaker.

“What we need in the state legislature is more democracy and less “tri-ocracy. We live in a democracy. Voters elect representatives to go to Albany and speak up for them when their voices are not being heard. Right now, the cries of 19.5 million New Yorkers are being drowned out by the will of an Axis of Taxes which must be broken,” said Tedisco.

“If this is the reform promised by the majority, then I must be missing something,” said Amedore. “The people of this state deserve to be heard; by shutting out 210 legislators from the budget process, they are telling every citizen that their voice does not matter. They are blatantly breaking the law in plain sight and need to be held accountable. Three men from New York City are running this state into the ground and I will not sit down and watch that happen.”

Amedore and Tedisco noted that last year’s budget was devised in secret by The Tri-ocracy” and raised taxes and fees by a whopping $8.2 billion. So far, this year’s plan piles on another $1.4 billion in new taxes.

“It’s time for the allies and heroes of reform to honor their pledges, stand up for true democracy in the state legislature and demand the leaders listen to the will of the people by calling for open and transparent conference committees to finalize the budget,” said Tedisco.