The Most Expensive Legislature In The Nation

Never has this much been spent to do so little
Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga)
July 29, 2010
“Tonight’s ‘Extraordinary Session’ of the Legislature called by the Governor was only extraordinary in the amount of taxpayer dollars wasted with nothing accomplished. Tomorrow’s scheduled session looks even less promising for getting a budget passed or anything else done.”

“It’s estimated it costs taxpayers at least $70,000 to bring the Legislature back for a five minute do-nothing session. That’s $14,000 a minute. When are rank-and-file lawmakers going to retake control of New York’s destiny from the Tri-ocracy that’s caused this dysfunction and is leading our state into bankruptcy?”

“It’s time for the allies and heroes of reform to honor their pledges, stand up for true democracy in the state legislature and demand the leaders, the Axis of Taxes, listen to the will of the people by calling for open and transparent conference committees to finalize the budget.”