Tedisco: “Sickening” New Schenectady Animal Cruelty Case Underscores Why It’s Time To Get Tough With Serial Animal Abusers

Assemblyman who championed Buster’s Law sponsoring bills to require psychiatric evaluation and registry of animal abusers; ban abusers from owning pets
March 19, 2011
Statement from Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C,I-Schenectady-Saratoga), Former Assembly Minority Leader and Current Assistant Minority Whip

“The sickening new case of animal cruelty in Schenectady, which the SPCA says is one of the ‘most disturbing’ they’ve seen, underscores why New York must get tough with serial animal abusers by strengthening and fully enforcing Buster’s animal cruelty Law.”

“While the details of this latest incident are emerging, it’s clear that anyone whose mind is so deviously warped that they’d harm a companion animal should undergo a psychiatric evaluation, be listed on a statewide animal abuse registry and banned from owning a pet ever again.”

“Violence against animals is a bridge crime that can and has led to violence against people. The person who harmed Buster the cat went on to rape a girl. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and David “The Son of Sam” Berkowitz were all animal abusers.

“Our families and our companion animals deserve to be protected from anyone who is as twisted and cruel as to harm them.”


Tedisco’s bills to strengthen Buster’s Law include:

  • A.1567-Requires a person convicted of animal abuse to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
  • A.1506-Creates a “Buster’s Law” registry of animal abusers to enable law enforcement, district attorneys, humane societies, breeders and pet stores to prevent an animal abuser from adopting or buying a companion animal.
  • A.1580-Provides that no person convicted for violating “Buster’s Law” be allowed to possess a companion animal.

Tedisco will be sponsoring the first-ever statewide Animal Advocacy Day at the NYS Capitol on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 to bring animal supporters together to advocate for strengthening Buster’s Law to protect companion animals. More details will be released soon.