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James Tedisco
Assembly District 112
Tedisco Introduces Bill to Give Citizen Soldiers Who Served In the Middle East Property Tax Breaks
February 24, 2004

Assemblyman James Tedisco (R,C-Schenectady-Saratoga) today announced his proposal to extend a property tax credit, already given to veterans, to some military reservists.

Tedisco’s legislation, which currently has 26 sponsors, would extend the veteran’s property tax exemption to reservists who served during a period of wartime, have been honorably released from active duty, and are still members of their reserve unit. Current law only grants the tax exemption to veterans who have severed all ties with the military.

"Right now we have military personnel coming home from war who are not eligible for the veteran’s property tax credit. In keeping with the spirit of the law granting an exemption to veterans, I think these men and women in uniform deserve to receive this benefit as well."

Tedisco said that deactivated reservists still affiliated with a reserve unit deserve the tax exemption, especially since they can be called back to active duty. "These brave men and women are dedicated to serving our country and protecting the values, morals, and freedoms that we all enjoy. They should not be excluded from the exemption simply because they want to be able to serve in the future."

In response to hearing about Tedisco’s latest proposed legislation, Schenectady County Veteran’s Councilor Bill Fyvie said, "I applaud the efforts of Assemblyman Tedisco for looking after the interests of New York’s citizen soldiers. Our reservists are brave men and women who volunteered to put themselves in harm’s way and even after being deactivated still maintain their status as a reservist so they can go off and fight for our rights and freedoms in the future. They deserve every possible benefit the state can offer. Assemblyman Tedisco is to be congratulated for his hard work on this very important matter."

"I’m hopeful that I can tell the reservists coming home from the Middle East that they will be able to put some extra money in their pockets. They deserve this, and it’s the very least we can do to extend our appreciation to people who put their lives on the line for us," Tedisco concluded.