Tedisco Appointed To Assembly Minority Task Force on Urban Crime

March 25, 2004
The reduction of crime in urban neighborhoods improves the quality of life for everyone living in urban communities stated Assemblyman Jim Tedisco (R,C-Schenectady) who recently was appointed to the Assembly Minority Task Force on Urban Crime by Assembly Minority Leader Charles H. Nesbitt (R,C-Albion).

"I look forward to serving on this important task force," said Tedisco. "Part of my Assembly District is comprised of urban areas. Therefore, I have experience with programs that make urban areas safer. Being a member of this task force will give me the opportunity to share my experiences and hear suggestions from law enforcement officers, district attorneys, and parole and probation officers from around the state, all in a combined effort to make urban neighborhoods safer."

The Assembly Minority Task Force on Urban Crime will conduct several public forums in urban areas throughout the state. The goal of the task force is to focus on crimes that are harming urban communities and determine what programs, tools and resources communities can use to decrease these crimes.

Tedisco was a driving force behind the "Safe Schenectady Safer" program. This program is comprised of several initiatives to curb vandalism and urban crimes in Schenectady, including a crime tip hot line and tip reward fund, a program to clean up graffiti and curb vandalism, educational campaigns to teach the dangers of low-level crimes, and recognizing groups, neighborhoods and youths who show community pride. He said his experience with the program will help him better understand the issues other urban communityís experience.

After the task force has traveled the state visiting urban areas and holding forums, it will analyze the expert testimony and issue proposals that could help reduce urban crime rates. "Iím excited to get on the road and generate common-sense proposals to rid urban areas of crime," Tedisco said.