Western New York Assembly Delegation Stands in Opposition to Speaker’s Failed Tax-and-Spend Policies

October 13, 2009
With New York’s appetite for high taxes and excessive spending impeding economic growth, stalling job creation and straining the budgets of middle-class families, taxpayers throughout the state are urging their representatives to stand against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s and his New York City consortium. Fortunately for upstate residents, recently released 2009 voting records show that two Western New York Assembly members, Assemblyman Jack Quinn (R,C,I - Hamburg) and Assemblywoman Jane Corwin (R,C,I - Clarence) did just that, more so than any other legislators in the Assembly, each voting in opposition to the speaker more than 300 times.

Last session, Quinn voted against Speaker Silver 322 times and Corwin 330 times, respectively. Only two other legislators in the Assembly voted against the speaker more than three hundred times. Both Quinn and Corwin voted against this year’s state budget, which, despite a historic deficit, included record spending and tax increases that have proven disastrous for New York’s economy.

“Speaker Silver and downstate leaders in control of the legislative body, with a complete disregard for sound fiscal practices, continue to demonstrate their detachment from the needs of Upstate taxpayers and small businesses, the lifeblood of our economy,” said Quinn. “High taxes, unfunded mandates and excessive spending and regulation, have wreaked havoc on our finances and contributed to a toxic atmosphere that has deterred innovation and entrepreneurship, the engine of job creation and economic growth. Western New Yorkers need a strong advocate in the Assembly – a representative willing to stand against downstate leaders – and I have tried to do just that.”

“Downstate leaders’ reliance on high taxes and spending is the leading contributor to the economic malaise that has engulfed our state over the past decade,” said Corwin. “Since I was elected, I have refused to capitulate to the will of downstate leaders, and as long as I am your representative I will continue to fight for what’s in the best interests of Western New Yorkers, not what’s most profitable for Speaker Silver and New York City interest groups. To lift our state out of our current financial crisis we need to create an environment conducive to job creation, that means lowering taxes and removing the shackles on upstate businesses, not tightening controls as the Speaker attempts to do.”