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Janet L. Duprey
Assembly District 115
Duprey Comments On Secret State Funds
February 1, 2007

Janet L. Duprey stated earlier today that the reason state spending is so out-of-control in Albany is that there have been no true or accurate accounting standards in place for years.

Assemblywoman Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) today revealed that during her short time in office, she has helped reform and update the longstanding “Member-Item” funding practice. During that overhaul, Duprey, and the Assembly Minority Conference, found over 50 secret state funding accounts doled out to special interest groups and community organizations dating back to the 2000-2001 State Budget.

“This is not like finding money hidden under your bedroom’s mattress; these taxpayer funds total nearly $3.4 billion. Most of this funding is simply listed as “Contingent and Other Appropriations.” That is not an acceptable accounting practice. It’s important that taxpayers know where this money went, and how it is accounted for.”

Duprey, the former Clinton County Treasurer, stated she has a listing of this funding available for public viewing at her Assembly Office. These funds were allocated mostly to state agencies, the “Empire Opportunity Fund,” and “Byrne Grants.” Duprey noted that she is pleased her financial background is helping inform taxpayers and advance the reform process in Albany.

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