Duprey Casts Vote for New State Comptroller

February 9, 2007
Today in the state Assembly Janet L. Duprey voted for Ms. Martha Stark for New York State Comptroller.

Ms. Stark, the Commissioner of Department of Finance for New York City, lost her bid for Comptroller to longtime Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli. He will officially be the State Comptroller until the four-year term ends. The state’s voters will then vote for Comptroller in the November 2010 general elections.

Duprey said, “Ms. Stark was a highly qualified candidate who has the financial, auditing and legal experience to serve as Comptroller.” She added that Assemblyman DiNapoli has an excellent reputation as a man of integrity and competence and she looks forward to working with him in his role as Comptroller.

“The Hevesi scandal does call for a more in-depth review of the State Constitution, and how the State operates. This selection process involved political wills, instead of the wishes of the voters.

I can see this matter being a good topic for reform,” Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) said.

The Comptroller is trustee for the $140 billion state pension fund. The state Comptroller’s Office oversees the fiscal accounting of hundreds of municipalities, school districts, and other government entities. It also serves as the accountant and fiscal watchdog of state funds allocated to state agencies, authorities and other public entities. The state Comptroller’s salary is listed at $151,500 per year.