Duprey Continues To Support Reform Efforts In Albany

February 21, 2007
Janet L. Duprey continued her work to reform state government in Albany. “We are continuing our work, as elected officials, to make sure New York state government is more open and more accountable. In fact, much of what we are calling for today is already being done at the local level,” Duprey said.

Duprey cited two very important rules changes that she supports. The first is requiring any bills that impose mandates on municipalities be specifically labeled on the calendar. The second is requiring a 2/3 super majority vote for final passage of bills imposing, or continuing a tax.

“As a former local official, there was nothing more frustrating than having to pay for unknown and unfunded state mandates at the local level. These rules changes unveiled today would help address that problem,” Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) said.

Among the other rules changes she supports are having minutes of standing Committee meetings transcribed and available on the web, requiring “home rule” local bills to be acted upon quicker, and requiring fiscal impact statements on all bills before the Assembly. “As reform efforts move forward in Albany, hopefully, the Assembly Majority will adopt these changes,” Duprey said.