Two Important Bills Pass State Legislature

Duprey Votes For Key Reform Agenda Items
March 7, 2007
Janet L. Duprey announced that she voted for two important bills that passed the state Legislature in Albany. The first measure allows for the civil confinement of sex offenders.

The second bill makes historic and sweeping changes to reform the state’s outdated workers’ compensation system.

“Local and regional Chambers of Commerce, North Country small businesses, the area’s larger employers and employee groups, including unions, have continually reported to me that reforming the state workers’ comp system is one of their main issues. Today, those reforms are becoming reality,” Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) said.

“System reporting procedures will be changed, outdated payment methods will sunset, and fraud will be better controlled and more fully punished. This will help North Country employers by reducing their costs, while providing some dignity and financial equity for injured workers,” Duprey said.

The Empire State now joins 16 other states nationwide in allowing for the civil confinement of sex offenders. “This long-overdue legislation will help protect our local communities, and keep our families safe. I am particularly encouraged that a new office will be created for the supervision, treatment, and monitoring of sex offenders. This will finally make sex offenders accountable by receiving either the treatment they need - or in the worst cases - the severe punishment they deserve,” Duprey stated.

The Assemblywoman from Peru voted “yes” on both bills, which are now waiting for the Governor’s signature. Duprey noted, “The reform agenda that the voters wanted me to take to Albany is moving forward, and very quickly. I am pleased to see that the North Country’s agenda is no longer an afterthought.”