Duprey Records Votes for State Board of Regents Members

Assemblywoman Supports “Sunshine Week” Efforts
March 16, 2007
Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) voted for James R. Tallon, Jr. (5th District), Milton L. Cofield (7th District), and Natalie M. Gomez-Velez (12th District) to be elected to the New York State Board of Regents in Albany. Duprey did not vote for Charles R. Bendit (1st District), who was also elected to the Board.

“I fully support the public’s right to know about what occurs in State government. The Board of Regents makes important decisions about education policy, and the public should know who the decision makers are,” Duprey said. The Assemblywoman released her votes as part of her support for “Sunshine Week.” “Sunshine Week” is a program and overall movement by good government groups to allow the public more open access to government bodies, their meetings, and the votes that are cast.

According to the state Board of Regents’ own website: “The Board of Regents comprises 16 members elected by the State Legislature for 5-year terms: 1 from each of the State's 12 judicial districts and 4 members who serve at large. Regents are unsalaried and are reimbursed only for travel and related expenses in connection with their official duties.”

The Board’s website also states: “Established by the New York State Legislature on May 1, 1784, the Regents of The University of the State of New York form the oldest, continuous state education entity in America. The Regents are responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within the State, presiding over The University and the New York State Education Department. The Regents are organized into standing committees and subcommittees whose members and chairs are appointed by the Chancellor.”