Duprey Calls for Lower Taxes on “Tax Freedom Day”

May 6, 2008
On the day of the year when the average taxpayer has earned enough income just to pay their combined tax bills, Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,C,I-Peru) is calling on tax relief for all New Yorkers. “According to the Tax Foundation, only two states have a later Tax Freedom Day than New York, and the legislators from this state should be working hard to bring some tax relief to New York,” stated Duprey. The Tax Foundation also states that in 2008, on average, Americans must work 74 days to afford their federal taxes and 39 additional days to pay state and local taxes. Affording food takes 35 days of work, clothing, 13 days and housing, 60 days. Health care requires 50 days, transportation, 29 days and recreation, 21 days.

Assemblywoman Duprey, along with other members of the Assembly Minority Conference, are calling on the Legislature to pass initiatives that will lessen the squeeze that New Yorkers are currently feeling on their wallets. These initiatives include tax relief on property taxes, the Summertime Gas Tax Holiday, and increasing the Dependent tax credit. “High gas and food prices and high property taxes are just some of the areas in which people are struggling, and we are introducing legislation that will greatly aid New Yorkers in the struggle to pay their bills,” concluded Duprey.