Duprey Calls for Passage of Legislation to Aid Homeowners with Skyrocketing Home Heating Costs

May 28, 2008
Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey (R,I,C-Peru) (above) today joined her Assembly Minority colleagues at a press conference in support of legislation to combat increasing home heating costs. The legislation is designed to lower home heating bills through a series of state tax credits.

“New York State is being crushed under the weight of soaring energy prices. The cost of heating oil in the North Country is now $4.54 per gallon,” said Duprey. “Measures need to be taken before the cold weather arrives in order to ensure that our citizens can afford the heat they need to stay warm this winter.”

I am calling on my colleagues in the Assembly to support the following bills:

  • Assembly Bill A.5353-A – Creates a $200 "Heat Tax Rebate" to help seniors afford the cost of heating their homes;
  • Reducing Home Heating Cost Proposal – Provides a Personal Income Tax Credit for taxpayers whose home heating costs exceed 5 percent of their New York Adjusted Gross Income;
  • Assembly Bill A.6270 – Provides a $500 tax credit for the cost of removing an old tank and installing a new one;
  • Assembly Bill A.6603 – Provides a tax credit of 25 percent, or up to $2,500, to offset the cost of energy-efficient improvements to a residence; and
  • Assembly Bill A.5465 – Exempts the state sales tax on alternative fuels used for home heating purposes including, but not limited to, wood pellets, corn and ethanol.